Monday, September 7

Chicken or egg

After the previous "Fruit or vegatable" post, Roxy suggested that I can probably touch on the famous question on whether the egg or chicken come first.

This circular referencing has been a intriguing philosophical question for donkey years. There are many ways to argue which came first. I did a little reading over the Internet, and I am tending towards the argument that the egg (ie. chicken egg) came first.

The reasoning is as follows.
Evolution has a crazy way of randomly mutating some of the genes. And that’s why we get evil geniuses like Hitler, who were born from very normal people.

A lot of creatures roam the earth millions of years ago when chicken does not exist on the face of Earth. What could have possibly happened was that somewhere along those years, some egg-bearing animals (maybe a bird?) laid eggs that hatched into mutated variants of themselves. Through generations of mutation, one of the mutated egg hatched to be a chick.

So this chicken-producing egg is the first ever chicken egg.
And it broke to produce the first ever chicken.

So Chicken egg --> Chicken.

On a related note, it appears that this circular referencing is also a very part of social life.

Fresh graduates couldn’t get a job because they have no relevant experience. But the reason why they have no such experience is because they were never offered a job in the first place!

And then there’s demand and supply. How are people going to boost the economy, if they are poor as a result of the poor economy?

Everything goes around in circles. But somehow, somewhere, the circles will be broken.

Such are the wonders of life!


mrdes said...

Hmm...going by your conclusion, there must have been a quantum leap in evolution...which is highly improbable! Suddenly, we have all become scientist! heehee.

MKL said...

I think chicken was first, egg second. Only Darwin knows the real answer, but we can't ask him, he's dead :P

wenn said...

what u said is right, how can a graduate gain experience if they were not given the chance?

fiona said...

not chicken first? haha.. at least i read the bible and it says human first then animals.. bible got mention eggs? haha..

nice of you to visit my blog..

regarding fresh grads.. so true.. i was once in that situation before...

Cherish Tulips said... i wish i knew the real answer to this chicken egg question...i think either way,they're both correct, coz withou the egg, chicken cannot come out,without the chicken,egg cannot be produced!

Roxy. said...

If we are talking about evolution, Its true that genes can mutate to form something but from which animal was the strongest of this. argh. headache. and we have to talk more specific like natural selection also. LOL.

-fiona, actually the bible states that humans were the last to be created. They were created on the sixth day. ;D

Shingo T said...

No one would have imagined Singapore what it is now, a hundred years ago, isn't it?

I think Darwin stated the egg came first. Read it somewhere.

wenn & fiona:
That's pretty sad, isn't it? But I know when some ads ask for experience, they are just trying their luck, it's a "good to have" kind of thing.

Cherish Tulip:
haha, we need to turn back time to get the answer.

You are pretty good at the bible.

Roxy. said...

Haha. Cuz I study the bible. (:

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