Thursday, September 3

Difference between fruit and vegetable

Recently, me and a group of friends were asked whether tomato and cucumber are fruits or vegetables. Most of us, including myself ended up giving the wrong answer.

Some of us thought "fruits are sweet, vegetables are not" etc... Well apparently, that's not the case.

In case you are asked the same question in those game shows or whatever, I thought it will be good to give a little refresher course on the difference between fruit and vegetable.

According to WikiAnswers
A fruit is a ripened ovary, enclosing the seeds which are the mature ovules. They can arise from a single carpel, or several carpels fused together,or seperate carpels. A vegetable is not developed from a flower. English speaking, if it has seeds, it is a fruit.

A good way to determine whether it is a Veg or a Fruit is after being picked a Fruit will ripen, and a vegetable will rot.

To keep it simple, just remember
Fruits have seeds.

So tomatoes and cucumbers are fruits.

CORRECTIONS: Sorry, peas are legumes (not fruits or vegetables), as pointed out by Nat.

Cheers! ^_^


wenn said...

ok, will remember that..thx.

khengsiong said...

So egg plant is also fruit?

Nat said...

peas are legumes... If my high school botany serves me right.

Mei Teng said...

I have always associated them as veggies! I love cucumbers and peas but dislike tomatoes (eaten raw). But I like tomato juice with crushed ice.

An Asian Traveler said...

Hey, thanks for the info.

Roxy. said...

Great info. (:
maybe ur next post can be which came first? egg or chicken?

Shingo T said...

Wenn & Asian Traveller:
It's info for me too. ^_^

I just checked the Net. You are correct. ^_^ Have made a correction on my post. Thanks!

Yes, eggplant is a fruit.

Mei Teng:
Tomato juice is yummy. And a great antioxidant!

Haha, I have written the post just for ya! Enjoy.

Zhu said...

I had no idea!

I often heard tomato was a fruit but I wasn't sure why :D

How about avocados? Veggie, I guess?

Shingo T said...

Avacado is a fruit as it has seeds. ^_^

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