Tuesday, September 22

Random Notes 35

(1) Nino introduced Google Reader to me recently. And I think it's an awesome tool, especially for those of us who are keeping tabs on many blogs. Thanks Nino! ^_^

(2) Wifey and I will be going for a trip to Japan soon for 11 days. As the service apartment we booked could accomodate a third bed (at S$30 a night), I thought it will be quite a waste just having the 2 of us using such a big room. So I offered my bro-in-law (who is still studying) a all-paid trip to Japan for the price of S$500. And he rejected despite it being his school holiday. Wifey and I are still bewildered why he turned down what we thought was a fantastic bargain.

(3) Wifey spent the long weekends (thank you, Hari Raya) making mooncakes for the first time. The cost of the materials is only a fraction of what it is sold outside. Maybe only only 10%-20%. Which makes me kind of reluctant to buy mooncakes from retail outlets in future.

(4) I'm hoping my Wifey will make rice dumplings next year - I love eating rice dumplings.

(5) It appears that pirated CD stalls are on the way to extinction in Malaysia. Good or bad?


HappySurfer said...

Yeah, read about your trip at PandaB's. 11 days is a long trip. Since you made bookings with the serviced apartment, it means that you'd be on your own? I thought it's very adventurous of you what with language differences and all and first time there somemore. Maybe you and/or your wifey speak/read Japanese?

hehe.. for S$500, it'd make quite a big hole in your BIL's pocket or maybe he wanted to leave you two lovebirds alone?

Looks like prices of mooncakes go up year after year but good thing it's just once a year. Come to think of it, I still have last year's in the fridge. hehe..

foongpc said...

1. Yes it sure is handy!

2. Wow! Going Japan for 11 days! Your bro-in-law rejected your offer? Can I take it? LOL!

3. Yes, mooncakes are the most overpriced food! That's why you can just concentrate on selling mooncakes for 2-3 months and go vacation for the remaining 9 months!

4. Me too! After she make the rice dumplings, don't forget to courier some to me! Haha!

5. Good for the artists and producers, bad for us! : )

MKL said...

First I thought you mean me :P Because I have the same name as your friend ;-) So I wondered when did I tell you about Google reader, hehe. But it's very useful, isn't it? I just put all the blogs I like inside and check them every morning, like yours now. When I like a post, I drop a comment. So convenient.

Have a nice trip to Japan! I envy you :P As for pirated CDs, well, Malaysia really has so many even in shopping malls. I think it may happen same as here: Online sharing, that's the most popular thing here. So the whole thing moves into living rooms.

SJ said...

wow. japan. must be nice. havent been there b4. now got sakura flower?

From me to you, suejean =)

wenn said...

wow..japan..wish I could be there..

Shingo T said...

Last year's mooncake??? Do maggots eat mooncakes?

Haha, it's only applicable for my bro-in-law. Though I may appear generous, but I gotta admit that it's gonna be a big hole in my pocket if he takes it up.

Someone addressed you as Nino when I read one of your blog commennts. But it skipped my mind when I used the name to refer to another blogger.

Sakura flowers bloom closer to April. It will be autumn when I reach there next week. Autumn leaves maybe?

Shingo T said...

It's not whether you can, but whether you want.

I'm off to buy some sweet memories. And it won't come cheap.

Anonymous said...

Shingo, you are very welcome, I find a ton of things to blog about using it! :D

When you start sharing things, I'll be able to see it immediately like a feed, so I'm looking forward to see what you think is funny/weird/interesting :)

Shingo T said...

The Nino:
Haha, interesting. Thanks for sharing, bro.

HappySurfer said...

Mooncakes stay good in the fridge except that it's a bit harder. Besides, with contemporary packaging - sealed and with desiccant enclosed - it can last longer.

min said...

I like Japan, but however language is big problem there. Majority of them don't speak English. It helps if you know Chinese characters.

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