Saturday, September 19


I wasn't trying to hinder fellow commuters from exiting the train.
They were just hindering me from entering the train.

I wasn't thinking of not giving my seat up to the pregnant lady.
I just wasn't sure if she's pregnant or fat.

I wasn't supposed to be this late for work.
It's just that the alarm didn't ring, and the bus came late.

I wasn't supposed to lose money in stock.
I just bought too late, and sold too early.

I wasn't really two-timing her when I already had a girlfriend.
I was just exploring my options.

I didn't intend to keep the $10,000 that I found.
I just didn't know who to return to.

I wasn't going to lose my temper.
I was just provoked by her into doing so.

I wasn't planning to skip their wedding dinner.
The time just happened to coincide with the last episode of my drama serial.

I would have started my own business long ago and achieve financial freedom.
I just didn't have a rich dad, and no extra time to do so.

I wasn't trying to take over the world.
I'm just trying to make it a better place.

I'm not the villain that your friends perceive me as.
I am just a victim, and I'm being misunderstood. =(

Note: This post is meant to be sarcastic. There are 101 reasons we can give just to explain something. But most are not reasons, they are either one-sided perceptions, or just simply... lame excuses.


Roxy. said...

I did not mean to comment for so long. But there was no Internet overseas. LOL.
yes, we are always being misunderstood.

Pete said...

Ha ha, good reasoning!

HappySurfer said...

Some could be valid though. Nice compilation..

Ai Shiang said...

wow! did you write those? I am impressed. I don't know if I am giving an excuse or not. I sure like to write like that, but I lack creativity :)

I have to say I always like something short & sweet and straight forward.

wenn said...


SJ said...

excuse exist in our lives and so we use it but we gotta be logic.

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Shingo T said...

No obligations. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your holidays. ^_^

Some reasons are "good", just not "good enough". =p

Agree there could be sone "valid" ones. But I interprete reasons like "The bus was late" as "You did not leave the house early enough."

Ai Shiang:
Yup, I wrote them all. Just recollecting a series of excuses used by people, and also a few ones that I came up with.

Giving excuses is easy, but in most cases, serve no value.

Agree excuses should be logical, but more importantly, what should be done in future so that the same excuse will not be given again? ^_^

boh.tak.chek. said...

good ones you got there, T.

Wenny said...

You sure have one hell of a creative mind at lame excuses ... kekeke!!!

Love all the excuses, especially the ones that left a big wide grin on my face and I can't seem to get them off! :)

TZ said...

I wasn't wanna to finish reading this post
I happened to be attracted to the rest of the material and wanna to know what is the last sentence... :p

hehehehe .... wat a nice post :)

Jerine said...

I wasn't thinking of not giving my seat up to the pregnant lady.
I just wasn't sure if she's pregnant or fat.

Hahahaha... I like that one!

zombie kitteh said...

Kefka is one of the hardest bosses of all time

Shingo T said...


Haha, I love putting smiles to faces. And I know you do too, cos I get that when reading your blog entries.

Hope the last sentence was worth your wait. ^_^

That is an excuse I come up with to ssoth my conscience sometimes.

zombie kitteh:
Haha, you are another Final Fantasy fan. ^_^

Anonymous said...

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