Tuesday, October 27

More random photos from Japan

A temple in Nikko, on the offskirts of Tokyo. And it's listed in the World Heritage sites. Temples situated within a forest with tall trees. Cool!

People waiting to cross the road in the town of Nikko. Most Japanese know not to cross the road when the red man is on sight.

More ramen! And gyozas (pork wrapped dumplings) on the right.

Ice cream vending machine.

Yoshinoya is considered cheap food by the standards of Japan. They say the beef bowl in Japan is a MUST TRY! Well, Wifey thinks it's only so-so.

Policeman in the famous Tsujiki fish market directing traffic.

Does these look like ice cream bars? Nope, these are succulent eggs. S$1.50 (or US$1.10) a stick.

Vampires and mystic creatures roam the streets of Ginza (that's the equivalent of Orchard Road in Singapore, or Bukit Bintang in KL).

How much does the durian (aka king of fruits) cost in Japan? 4500 yen. That's S$90 (or US$65). Come to Malaysia to eat it, it's way cheaper!

Woman dressed in traditional kimono, on the way to the Meiji Shrine.

This is so cute! A happy Japanese family.

You know the mountain. It is said that only lucky tourists in the town of Hakone get to see the mountain, as it is often hidden by clouds.

More pics to come? Sure!


HappySurfer said...

Lovely! Thank you.

$90 for durians! hehe.. Something like eating gold like what people would say.

MKL said...

Nice pics, Shingo...

They have to pay me 90$ to eat a durian, haha...

khengsiong said...

Is the Yoshinoya's beef bowl in Japan different from those served here?

Superman said...

There got durian there as well. Wow. I like the egg stick. Hehe.
Thanks for the nice photos of Japan as I don't have the chance to go there yet. At least I can imagine myself to be there from your photos.

Anonymous said...

Those pork dumplings looked like the chinese meat filled ones normally eaten with a dash of vinegar and slivers of ginger.

Is that Mount Fuji?

I visited Japan when I was a young child. Didn't climb Mount Fuji. Was at the base of the mountain though...playing with snow.

mrdes said...

The photo with the family in it...it's a classic I think.

foongpc said...

Wow! I really enjoyed these photos, thanks so much!

The temple within a forest must be so calm and peaceful!

So japanese people really follow traffic rules!

Ice cream vending machines! I wonder if these are in Malaysia, how fast will they be vandalised?

Oh! I like that scary masked figure in black! Cool!!

So expensive the durians? Yeah, better eat in Malaysia! LOL!

The Japanese family is really so cute! Nice!

Beautiful mountain in the clouds! Lovely!! : )

BeverLy's Secret said...

Feed me more please!! Love all your pictures1!! Especially the 2nd last a nd the last...

~dolly~ said...

wah... when got time.. i must come back to read every Japan post!
sorry, but i've been very busy lately.. T___T
eh.. should write a guild on how to travel on Japan ma.. heheh

Sharon said...

do ppl like to eat durian there?
maybe i should try to import some there, but i think i'll probably end up eating all of it myself hehe

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

great pictures. the beef bowl looks sooo yummy. =)

Ai Shiang said...

I didn't know that Japanese eat durians too.

Manju said...

great pictures! the happy japanese family one is adorable :)
and wow, i'd have totally mistaken the eggs for icecream

Shingo T said...

Haha, but durian taste better than gold!

Haha, that reminds me of one of the angmoh colleagues who came to Singapore. He dared to eat the most gross things that you see in Singapore (pig blood, pig liver, and other parts of the pig), but he couldn't eat the durian. Haha.

Wifey says the beef bowl taste the same. I don't eat beef, so I can't comment.

The egg stick taste really heavenly. I'm still wondering whether it can be made with local eggs.

I often imagine myself at other Agreed, sometimes seeing pictures is as if we are seeing the world through people's eyes.

Mei Teng:
Yes, that's Mount Fuji. There are alot of mountains in that area, I had to wait for other people to pinpoint before I know which is Fuji.

Haha, I like that photo alot. ^_^ So cute, so loving.

Your China photos are just as nice. China sure has one of the best scenery in the world.

Okie, I added one more instalment of pictures with captions. Enjoy!

Hello busy girl. ^_^ I will write a short guide on the must-go places in Japan.

Haha, you are a durian lover! I'm not a big fan of it now like I used to.

Haha, everyone loves Yoshinoya beef bowl!

Ai Shiang:
I wonder how many Japanese actually eat durian. The price is so exhorbitant.

Hello there! I have more close up photo of the two adorable kids. Let me try to see if I still have the photo. ^_^

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