Thursday, October 29

Can't get enough of the Japan photos?

Tokyo Tower. It's MUCH shorter than the Eiffel Tower, so we didn't go up.

East Garden of the Imperial Palace. We aren't allowed into the Imperial Palace of course, it's the current residence of the Japan royalties, who are much loved by the Japanese.

The lovely town of Hakone. Lovely hot springs, and the best place to see Mount Fuji without stepping foot there.

Wifey with the breakfast served by a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn). The soup to the left is pumpkin soup. And the fish is tasty!

Mini hot spring in the ryokan we stayed in. Guys in one room, gals in another room. So what happens when Wifey and I are the only guest in the ryokan? That means we are king!

What happens when a storm is expected? Tie the dustbins to the wall!

Japanese school gals in Disneyland.

DisneySea. Japan is the only country with DisneySea. Consider a more adult version of Disneyland. No no, I don't mean "adult stuffs", I mean the rides are more heart-stopping.

Pocohontas feeding peanuts to her racoon in DisneySea.

One of the famous crossroads in Shibuya where gazillion of people cross the road in all directions while the cars wait for the green light. The more famous one is in Shinjuku, but I didn't get to snap it.

I didn't get to snap much of Japanese gals in Cosplay. But I got one for an angmoh lady, sportingly wearing Belle (the Beauty in "The Beauty and the Beast")'s costume. Bet she got it from Disneyland the day before. Ravishing, isn't it? Hey, is the guy behind... MKL?

Hope you enjoy the photos, and hope all thes pictures aren't slowing Cup of Ice's loading rate.


Plankton McPlank said...

Oh man, the food in all your posts looks so nastily delicious. And the streets ever so clean.

I remember the last time I went, these Ganguro girls, girls with tan skin, blonde hair & white nail polish filled the streets. Heh.

And passerbys approaches you & tell you in the face to dump your cigarette if you smoke on the streets. First hand experience, haha...

Tiramisu said...

The tying dustbins to the wall idea is so cute. :)

MKL said...

Oh yea, Shingo, that's me, I wear sunnies with white plastic frames and walk behind a white cosplayer girl just when you're about to snap 2 hot Japanese girls, ah? All that could be true, except that my sunnies are way classier. You should've known that :P

Btw, there's a big gap on your wifey just between her tummy and head. Have you noticed? XD

BeverLy's Secret said...

Tokyo Tower!!!! it's my dream to be there!!! even it is short than Eiffel :p

Love your trip.. Love Japan!!!

p/s: Thanks, but I do think Miyaki is cuter!

Erny said...

Very creative way of incorporating MKL in there. Lolz..

Toothfairy said...

bwahahhaha... MKL is really everywhere huh! hahaha...

well, I'd love to go to japan once... though the tokyo tower is shorter than the eiffel tower... I didn't go up that one too btw, not patient enough to wait in line!


Ai Shiang said...

My husband always tells me that the Japanese are all copycats. Your photos proves he is right. The "Eiffel tower", "Golden Gate" "Status of Liberty" and the most that we talk about, they even copy the design of Mercedes-Benz side mirrors' designs and styles! They include these copied designs onto Honda and then Toyota.

khengsiong said...

Tokyo Tower is actually slightly taller than Eiffel Tower. Apparently the Japanese wanted to outdo the French. (Just like the Chinese want to outdo everyone else now.) Unfortunately, Tokyo Tower is surrounded by commercial buildings and that isn't so great.

Superman said...

They scare the dustbin got stolen? hehe. Japan is really a nice nice place.

Shingo T said...

Cool, so you have been to Japan too. Bet it must have been a real hassle finding places to smoke.

Haha, ya. A storm was predicted to happen on the day when we were at Gotemba, the place where I shot the photo. But eventually there was no storm. Chey!

I thought the white gal in cosplay was cute (she was smiling all the way as she walked), she must have attracted alot of attention being the only non-Asian cosplayer.

Hmm... didn't post any pics on Wifey. Or is this a joke to get back at me? =p

I heard theres cafes up the Tokyo Tower. Heard it's pretty nice sipping coffee while overlooking the rest of Tokyo.

MKL is such a nice guy, I had to find a chance to make fun of him. Muahahaha.

haha, I agree. MKL is everywhere. Did he clone himself or something?

The queue to Eiffel Tower was very long when I was there. I was part of a tour group, so we got to queue up at the shorter queue. Phew!

Ai Shiang:
The Statue of Liberty was on loan to Japan, so it wasn't exactly copied by Japan. I always thought otherwise, that Japan was a leading innovator of the world.

Oh, the Tokyo Tower is taller? It didn't felt so when I was there. Maybe it contracted due to cool weather. Haha.

The Japanese may probably use high tech cameras (hey, it's Japan!) to prevent dustbin getting stolen. Haha.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I love the photos

HappySurfer said...

Nice photos!

KL has its own 'Shibuya' junction too. It's actually the Bukit Bintang junction. If you're familiar with KL, it's the junction just outside Lot 10.

Any view from a tower has got to be splendid including the view from our KL Tower and of course from the skybridge at the Petronas Twin Towers. Have you been to any of these places? It's really worth a visit and entrance to the latter is free.

Sharon said...

ish, why u didnt put me inside too?
i'll probably be one of the Snow White's 7 dwarfs HHAHAHA

TZ said...

nice nice ... i wanna to visit Japan again... :)

wenn said...

beautiful country..

Shingo T said...

Glad you liked the photos. But it's taken with an ordinary camera, I'm no pro like you guys.

This Shibuya junction has hundreds of people crossing the road from all direction at every green man. Is it the same in Bukit Bintang?

Wow, didn't know the skybridge in Petronas Tower is free to access. $_$ I might just drop by there in 2weeks time to take a look. Thanks!

No, you will be Snow White, especially now that your hair is less curly.

You are young, sure you can go again someday! ^_^

Yup. Ever been to Japan, Wenn?

Mei Teng said...

The Tokyo tower looked so much like the Eiffel tower. Copycat! :)

Soaking in a hot spring is nice...especially during cold winter months.

HappySurfer said...

Shingo, I believe the Bukit Bintang junction is the same - according to the newspaper report. You can take a look for yourself when you are here in two weeks time.

Btw, to obtain the tickets for the skybridge visit, you need to be there before 7:30am at least. The queue would already have started even before 7am.

foongpc said...

Tokyo Tower looks exactly like Eiffel Tower!

Delicious pumpkin soup and fish!

No mixed bath in the ryokan? : )

Roxy. said...

Wow, great photos!
and your photos from previous post reminds me of food again. Btw did you try the egg stick at your previous post, i heard that they take a great amount of time to do that egg thingy. It's quite nice to eat compared to the ones we have in Singapore.
The Japanese are quite ingenious to have tie up their dustbins during a storm. Never will catch Singapore or Malaysia doing that. I hope we do that too. Haha. After all in Singapore, there are so many high rise buildings.

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
It was my first time at a hot spring. Thought I could stay there for hours, but felt lethargic and heart was beating so fast after 30 minutes.

Thanks! 7.30am is a little early for my Wifey to get up, haha. And we are staying in Genting, so we have to wake up much earlier.

Will take a look at the junction at Lot 1 when I'm down at Bukit Bintang. ^_^

No mixed bath in most ryokans. Probably because we are not allowed to be covered when in the water, not even in swimwear.
If you know any mixed ones, let me know. =p

Yes, I managed to buy the egg sticks. But regretted only buying one each for Wifey and myself.

I guess no storm in Singapore and Malaysia is a good thing. ^_^

~dolly~ said...

how much u spent in Japan trip?
from my last check, the air ticket alone cost about RM 2k-3k already..

kenwooi said...

i wish to visit japan one day =)

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