Thursday, October 15

My first diary

I wrote my first diary when I was in primary school.

I started one because I heard that writing diaries was a good way to improve my English. And then theres also the part about reading back the diary many years down the road for good old memories.

But what I didn't find out was how to actually write a proper diary entry. I knew it was to record things that happened, and I ended up writing something like this.

6.30am - Woke up.
6.40am - Ate bread, and drank milo.
6.50am - Changed to school uniform
7.05am - Went to school.
7.30am - Reached school.
8.00pm - Ate dinner. Fried bee hoon.
8.40pm - Watch TV.
10.00pm - Finish TV. Went to sleep.

Haha, fallen asleep after reading my typical diary entry? Gosh, I still find this funny sometimes.

Do you all keep a diary?


khengsiong said...

You may want to create a separate blog as your diary.

BTW, where are your Japan photos?

HappySurfer said...

No way! Too risky. haha..

TZ said...

I don't keep diary.. my diary is my brain storage. :p

Anonymous said...

Haha..looks like timetable or schedule of activities :)

I never keep diaries and I don't like having one.

Plankton McPlank said...

I didn't have a diary, but if I ever have one, it'll be angry as a teenager can be.

Like this, "Damn. Today, my teacher scolded me again. I'll get her one day.(thumbprint in blood)"

Superman said...

I never write diary before. Don't know what to start. But blogging, yes. Haha. Funny, right?

Roxy. said...

yea, i used to keep a diary when i was young, but now they are locked up in my brain or in some obscure blog entry.

So yeah, i had autographs books, when friends of mine in primary school signed their names and put their contact numbers and sorts in it. Technology changed everything, now we just store all their particulars in the phone or some social site.

Time changes stuff.

MKL said...

I did write something in 1997, but not regularly, now and then, a poem, a thought, an essay... I still keep it.. I was teenager then and now I'm almost 30. I really changed.

numbernine said...

Dis chick in my pri 2 class, I remember her being berated for handing up a week's worth of diary where every entry read, "I woke up, brushed my teeth and went to school." But partially I remembered that because she was a hot chick.

People should not be punished for being honest. The life of a pri school kid is really boring and the diary should reflect that.

Ai Shiang said...

You're a sentimental person :o). I don't normally see men with diaries though.

I don't keep diaries.

wenn said...

i did when i was dating my boyfriend..but i threw it away already..

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

I had one .. when I was around 17 years old .... filling the diaries with all my r/s problems ....

Can even see the tear stain!
Thinking back ... it kind of funny!

the girl in stiletto said...

hahah that was hilarious! drank milo....

*running off to downstairs to make one cuppa*

xiao rou said...

LOL I used to have a diary when I was younger too.. Like werwerger's, mine's still haf got tears stain and coffee stain on it LOL.

Anonymous said...

A blog is pretty much the same as a diary. Only that its public.

Shingo T said...

The Japan photos are coming. I'm getting my Wifey's help to upload them soon. =p

That's why hiding the diary is one important business.

Good for you. I might get dementia as I grow older, you know, the brain cells start dying.

Yes, don't keep a diary. The police can use it as evidence against ya. =p

Haha, ya. That's why we remain anonymous in blogs, so no one knows who writes this "diary".

Don't you just miss good old-fashioned hard copies sometimes? I ain't got no autograph book, that's more for gals. =p

We all changed. Presumable for the better. =p

My childhood was very much about playing truant and making fun of people. And that made it interesting. But that was after I gave up writing diaries.

Ai Shiang:
As age goes by, practicality exceeds the sentimentals.

Haha, the diary you threw away must contain alot of sweet stuffs.

The diary must have been a good friend of yours, hope it helped you tide over those bad r/s days well.

the girl in stiletto:
Talking about milo, I realise recently that it's not that common in many parts of the world.

xiao rou:
Haha, coffee stains. Mine's probably have milo stains.

The Envoy:
One good thing about blogging is that you get comments. And I love reading them. =p

Erny said...

I wrote my first write how jealous I am of my brother. It looks ridiculous to me now.
Yours sound better. Lolz..

Shingo T said...

It's good to have somewhere to list down your "grievances". ^_^

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I was like that when I got my very first diary. It was more like a time record of what I did. But then later on,I got the hang of it and really started writing out entries of how my day went, the funny and sad experiences that happened, etc. And now, when I read them, I can't help but smile as I recall the events that happened that has helped me to become the person I am today.

Shingo T said...

Good to hear that your diaries are still giving you the smiles. hang on tight to it, and may it bring you more giggles in future. ^_^

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