Sunday, November 8

When life gives you lemons (Part 3)

You are a rich man. Your girlfriend has this habit of bringing you to the jewellery shop, and trying out the jewellery. She puts on a 1 carat diamond ring and likes it alot. She jokingly (but insistently) refuses to take it out. And so you buy it for her. Be careful if you marry such a woman, because it won't be pretty...

4 days after Lisa's death...
Lisa's wake was held under the flat which she was supposed to move into, but have never had done so. On that day, the metal key that is supposed to go into the lock of Lisa's new home was broken in two. Yes you heard it right, the metal key broke. The daughter-in-law from hell (DILFH) was the last person to hold the key before it was returned broken. She claimed the key was already bent when she got it. And one part of the broken parts was stuck inside the keyhole. Lisa's kids have to pay the locksmith S$45 just to get the lock open.

5 days after Lisa's death...
That was the final day of the funeral, and she was to be cremated. But not after a final ceremony where the mourners in white had to do a final procedure. The youngest son was crying badly by the coffin. Out of the blue, he suddenly rushed out to shout at his wife, the DILFH. He threw stuffs (chairs?) at her, and tried to grab her by the hair. The commotion was so loud that you probably thought that thunder had hit the funeral.

In a Buddhist funeral, relatives of the dead are not allowed to wear flashy items to the funeral. But DILFH wore a gold watch, but after being told not to wear it on the first day of the funeral, she took it down but proceeded to wear it on other days, a clear disrespect to the deceased. It didn't help that she didn't even offer a single joss stick to Lisa. She tied her hair with red band, when red is a color that should never be worn to a Buddhist funeral.

One may argue that she's ignorant, but in the eyes of everyone there, too much ignorance make it seem too inexcusable for a coincidence.

Anyway, the youngest son had enough of her nonsense. He was going to get physcially violent. The male relatives rushed over to restraint him before he make any unlawful assaults. The female relatives scolded DILFH too, taking the chance to vent their frustration to the unfillal girl. But they also asked her to leave and run, before her hubby loses control and brutally assult her.

And so she escaped in the white T-shirt that she wore for the funeral. Obviously, the DILFH will not be returning to their matrimonial home. And the youngest son has given instructions to the maid not to allow her into Lisa's home.

Some time back, he told the rest that he will seek a divorce from DILFH. And beating his wife will surely weaken his position to have custody of his beloved daughter. Which also explains why everyone was quick to hold him back when he lost his cool.

Their daughter (ie. Lisa's grand-daughter) was there at the funeral, and probably witnessed the event. But it was clear whose side the poor girl was on. She passed a cup to her father to drink, and the father returned her the drink after he had his fill. Hand in hand, the father and child walked, accompanied by the child's loving uncles and aunties.

Later that day, the relatives pushed the funeral van, with Lisa's intact body in it, as it moves towards the crematorium. The moment Lisa's body was about to be cremated, there was another flash rain (no kidding). Like the previous weather coincidences, it appears as if Lisa is shedding tears again.

We all had diffeent interpretations of Lisa's tears, but I was sure they were tears of joy and relief.

And Lisa's coffin was sent into the burning fire.

Her body was gone.
But the memories of such a terrific wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend will live on in the hearts of those who know her.

Rest in peace, Lisa.
And may life hands you peaches the next time round.


Wei Ru said...

Sad story... I hope he gains custody of his daughter...

MKL said...

Great posts, Shingo. Will there be part 4? I hope the father got the custody, that would be a happy end. We'll see :)

wenn said...

interesting story..

foongpc said...

Good ending! Or is there Part 4? At least the DILFH get her just desserts, though if she's a character in a TV drama, I will bring her back for more drama! LOL!

mrdes said...

Hopefully, the father has custody of his daughter, right?

kenwooi said...

DILFH.. tsk tsk tsk..
anyway, sorry to hear that..
RIP Lisa..

Sharon said...

wow... such heartbreaking story
such disrespect from the DILFH! Karma, i believe in karma, she will get hers soon

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


Anonymous said...

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iamthewitch said...

What an interesting but sad story. Will there be a sequel still? :)

HappySurfer said...

Life's like that. You let it rule you, it will.

Thanks, Shingo, for sharing the different facets of life.

Roxy. said...

This is a really really sad story. Can't believe its true. I guess some humans just have it in them to act the worst they can.

I am guessing that Lisa is one of your relatives since you are serving her tea in Part 2.

mkpjerry said...

Buddhists believe in karma; what goes around, comes around, so sooner or later the DILFH will get what she deserves

Shingo T said...

Wei Ru & mrdes:
He has a good chance of getting custody, being very financially independent.

MKL & iamthewitch:
Yup, part 4 is here. Enjoy the read.

Haha, you are "in love" with the DILFH character.

Sharon & mkpjerry:
Yup, I believe in karma too. I'm sure she will get her deserts.

I will revert to writing about happier stuffs after this series ended.

Good guess.

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