Wednesday, December 30

Haute Mess Award

Cup of Ice has been started more than 3 years ago, but despite the wonderful content that I write, I have not been able to win any awards for myself. Thus being the egoistic guy that I am, I have thought of creating fictitious awards for myself. After all, I send Christmas cards to myself every year.

Ok, crap aside. =p

Nina from ballerina's close to obsession has given me my first ever award.

The Haute Mess Award.

Tracing back to the original source of the award, it was created by Niki B, to commemorate her 100th post in her blog.

More details can be found here.

Quoting from Nina's blog on the reason why she's passing the award to me, "even if yours is not a fashion blogsite, you truly make everyone's day with your lovely (and humorous) insights about life"

Thank you, Nina. That was an excellent complement to begin my day. ^_^

The pre-conditions of this award is to list 7 things I'm grateful for, and to pass it to 7 people.

I will list the former, but I'm sorry that I won't be able to pass the awards on due to some beliefs of my own. Pardon me for being unsporting.

7 things I'm grateful for (in no order of importance)

(1) Wifey. For being the great and irreplacable wife that you are, and for tolerating a unromantic hubby who is full of flaws.

(2) Bloggers of blogs that I frequent. I see the world through your eyes. And reading your updated entries make me happy. ^_^

(3) Readers of Cup of Ice. Thanks for commenting, and not being turned off by my ego. The reason why I keep my Inbox open is to read your comments.

(4) The company I work for, because one should always be grateful to the company who feeds you. That being said, I am still one who believes that one should love the job and never the company, because you won't know when the company will stop loving you.

(5) Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia is my natural mother, while Singapore is my adopted mother. Despite spending 95% of my life in Singapore, I still feel very rooted to Malaysia. I attribute my down-to-earth character to Malaysia, and my practicality to Singapore. And these 2 attributes define what I am today.

(6) My parents and Wifey's parents. Without the former, there's no me. Without the latter, there's no her.

(7) Myself. The toughest babysitting job in my world is to take charge of myself.

Thanks again, Nina! I will put the award in the side panel for some time, partly because I did not fulfill the entire condition of forwarding this award to a few more people, and because website loading time is always my concern.

About the Author: Shingo T will be creating a "Handsome blogger, but with a little tummy and receding hairline" award, and is looking for nominees.


HappySurfer said...

*Raising my hand* Me! I will nominate you for the "Handsome blogger, but with a little tummy and receding hairline" award - with or without wings. Just for being Shingo T. hehe..

Aww.. that is such a sweet list of seven! And a very commendable one at that! #4 rings a bell. One of my colleagues used to repeat his gratitude for the company, the one who puts food on the table and clothes on the back.

Great job there, Shingo! Congrats on the award!

Good morning!

Mei Teng said...

Hahha....any nominees yet for your Handsome Blogger award?

Keep up the blogging and have a wonderful New Year 2010!

Shingo T said...

I used to thank my tuition kid's family too, as they were the ones who put me through my uni studies, with the tuition fees being my alowance.

I'm proud of the company I work for, always help it do publicity here and there. But still, those who reap the full benefits are the shareholders (and that's why I buy stocks).

Mei Teng:
anyone you want to nominate? I see a few handsome ones in the blogosphere, but I'm unsure if anyone has the basic requirement of a little belly and receding hairline. =p

Manju said...

awww next time i'll pass around awards, you're definitely getting one. love your blog Shingo :)
and you're the one and only blogger with angel wings around hehe

iamthewitch said...

You know I've been reading your blog for a few months and didn't really think you're that egoistic.. LOL Well, now that you mentioned it, I'll keep a lookout for the symptoms! Happy New Year!! :)

Roxy. said...

Awww, i cant join. Me girl. LOL.
So sweet of nina to give u an award.

If there was an award for most loving husband, you will surely win hands down. (:

wenn said...

congrats on yr award! Happy 2010!

Lily Riani said...

u deserve it. ur blog makes me laf and keep it true to the ground.

yup! ur the hanskem blogger of all... (hanskem = one level higher then handsome ie the handsomest lar macam tuh)

MKL said...


Lol, not really, but I love the word ;)

You deserve a lot of awards and next time I'm gonna pass some to you, maybe the 'blogger with the best wifey' award, hehe..

It's fun to read you, too. I didn't know you were Malaysian, I'd add you under Malaysian bloggers. Then again, you seem to be kiasu enough to be under Singaporeans ;)

Happy blogging and all the best in 2010!

Toothfairy said...

I like 6! and I can tell from your blogposts you're a wonderful and loving husband to your wifey, she's lucky to have you!

Happy nye!

You're featured in my latest post!


Shingo T said...

I got angel wings, and devil horns. =p

You are too nice a person, Witchy. That's why you don't notice any arrogance. Darn, I must try harder.

I chose not to write about the times I made Wifey kneel on the durian. Shhh...

Thanks, and may the new 2010 be another great year for you and your blog.

Lily Riani:
Hanskem is a new word for me. Haha, but I like being more handsome than handsome. ^_^

I really look up to you for knowing all the various Asian jargons like kiasu.

Friends say I have been in Singapore for too long, and that makes a Singaporean. And I can't speak Malay. Gonna work on it next year.

You featured me after I have directed the spammers at you in my previous "Random Notes" post?

I'm filled with guilt. Nah. =p
Thanks Toothfy!

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