Thursday, December 31

Earning a million dollars (Part 1)

First of all, I do not have a million dollars (at least not now), unless you convert my money to Indonesia rupiah. =p

But still, I have always been inspired by people who have made it big. In particular, I like stories of Internet millionaires. The Internet reaches out to a wide customers audience, and more importantly, it's CHEAP.

Below are 2 popular success stories that some of you may have read of.

Kyle MacDonald started his "business" with a website and a red paper clip. And he asked the world to trade his red paper clip for something. Well, he first traded it with a pencil in the shape of a fish. And then subsequently traded the pencil for a doorknob. And then the trades became more and more valuable (he even exchanged for a BBQ pit at some point). 14 trades later (and 1 year later), he finally traded for a house. Happily ever after.

Link: One red paper clip

And then there's Alex Tew (who's just 21 years old), who has nothing more than a simple webpage, and sells a million pixels (a pixel is just one small dot) from that website online. Well, this guy sold each pixel for US$1 each, so selling all the pixels will give him US$1 million. Because the idea is original, advertisers and bloggers bought the pixels like hotcakes, and soon the man is laughing all the way to the bank.

Even famous Singaporean blogger Xiaxue (I'm not a fan of her actually) has adopted a modified version of the scheme, with decent success.

Link: The Million Dollar homepage

As year 2010 comes your way, have you started to utilise the best weapon in your arsenry - the brain?

Start the new year with a goal in mind.

Sacrifice some of your leisure time, watch less TV, and cut down on non-value adding stuffs like gaming and lazing around.

Try to go home on the dot after work. That's not to say you don't work hard, but you gotta work smart during your official hours and skip the non-essentials. There's plenty of things you can do with your free time at night.

Start dreaming up some crazy ideas. You will be amazed at how the world love those "infeasible" ideas of yours.

Be glad that the world (and your mum) is sceptical about new ideas. That's why new ideas are still new. Don't judge your own ideas and reject them.

Don't fear what people fear. Embrace it.

Note: In Part 2, I shall share the story of how a Singaporean made a million dollars with S$1. And why most people will find it hard to duplicate his success.

About the Author: Shingo T says there's nothing to fear but fear itself and Wifey.


♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Stay happy for the 2010 !!!

HappySurfer said...

Very inspirational stories, Shingo. Thanks for sharing them.

Right! There's nothing to fear but fear itself. An Wifey? haha..

Happy New Year! May it be the year you make your first million dollars..

Bananazą“• said...

Thanks! Great stuff the millionaire 'feeling' is nice. Looking forward for your next million story. One thing my mama taught me is those who say 'bad' things about themselves [like egoist or fear wifey] are most likely not 'bad' at all. How true?haha. Have a great New 2010 Year and may your wishes & millionU$D come true.

Stefanie said...

Feel like nothing's impossible. Thanks for the post. It wakes me up with a start. :)
Happy New Year to you both!
Enjoy your great holiday with your fearless wifey. :D

MKL said...

Good post, Shingo. I think stuff like that works, because it's original and first the word spreads thru internet and then on TV. And 1 person becomes famous (even if briefly) and probably earns something. I remember that pixel guy. Suddenly everyone starts to copy, but the thing is, it doesn't work twice. One has to be original and ground breaking. So, Shingo, what have you planned for the two of us to start? With your excellent marketing skills and my excellent skill to connect with Asian women, we could launch something next year, don't you think? ;)

wenn said...

great! happy new year!

Roxy. said...

Happy new 2010 year ! Shingo !

Lily Riani said...

i wanted to, got con by a friend... it was a solid plan... hemmm... perhaps i should tweak it and gv it another try hor. have a happy new year

Shingo T said...

Stay cheerful too, Girl. ^_^

Let's all work smart, so we can retire earlier.

Your mum is wise, but it doesn't always apply to all, I guess. You are a good banana, and I'm a bad apple.

Nothing's impossible, I'm sure you have heard tons of related stories of how people get over the impossible.

Never stop believing.

I'll probably start an online ponzi scheme to cheat everyone of their hard earned money. Wanna join? =p

Happy New Year, and may your blog reach greater heights (it's already great).

2010 is just a number. It will be happy, but it won't be new.

Lily Riani:
I have my share of getting conned. But it doesn't stop me, it just make me do my extra homework and take cautious measures.

You don't neccessarily have to try it again, but always be open.

Manju said...

lolzzzz it's so funny how you stike out 'wifey' at the end of the post ;P
but whoaaaa...these guys are so so creative. it's really impressive!

Kelvin said...

Looking forward to part 2^^

Shingo T said...

I always believe everyone can be creative. But creative ideas tend to be shot down as infeasible, weird or stange ideas even before they are implemented.

Thanks alot, that was great encouragement.

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