Tuesday, December 8

New Zealand man injects sleeping wife with HIV

Before I continue with Part 2, let me digress a little with this article I read on the newspapers.

I can't believe there's such a selfish man in the world.
Gosh, he should be "chopped" and hung.


AFP - Sunday, December 6

WELLINGTON (AFP) - – An HIV-positive man in New Zealand has admitted injecting his blood into his sleeping wife and infecting her with the virus which can cause AIDS, a newspaper reported Sunday.

It is believed the man wanted to give her the disease so she would start having sex with him again, the Sunday Star-Times said.

Court documents detail how the man twice pricked his wife with a sewing needle laced with his infected blood, and how she once caught him handling a syringe full of his blood.

The man, 35, admitted infecting his wife, 33, and faces up to 14 years imprisonment when he is sentenced in the Auckland High Court early next year.

The man discovered he was HIV-positive, but his wife and children were not, during health checks imposed on them when the family arrived in New Zealand in 2004.

The woman said she wanted to maintain the relationship for the sake of the children but refused to have sex with her husband as she feared she would contract the disease.

She described how in May last year she discovered a sting-like mark on her left thigh and two days later she awoke to a stinging feeling in her leg.

During a routine check-up four months later she found she was HIV-positive and confronted her husband who admitted dipping a needle in his blood and pricking her with it.

"All he said (was) he was sorry. He said: 'I used needles on you because I wanted you to be the same as me so that you can live with me and you won't leave me'," she said.

Source: Yahoo news


ladyviral said...

such a sick person indeed... :(

Just cause he got HIV which wasn't mentioned how he got infected, he in the end decided to murder his wife too :(.

Ai Shiang said...

Where did he get the HIV virus in the first place? I wonder .... I'm thinking "sengget" (malay)

the girl in stiletto said...

what the fcuk such a selfish bastard. yeah, definitely chop chop :P

HappySurfer said...

Was shocked when I first read it over the weekend. Isn't that close to murder or manslaughter? He should go straight to jail for that and definitely no 'Get our of jail' card for him - as in Monopoly.

mrdes said...

I want to sympathise with the man - he must be very fearful of losing his family, being all alone etc - but I really can't. It shows how low morally a man can get.

MKL said...

I'm not for chopping and hanging, that's barbaric. I hope he'll be in prison 14years. He punished his children, they may lose both parents in the future. Is mankind getting more stupid by the year or is it, because the internet is able to give us every info from every tiny bit of this planet? We will never know...

Lily Riani said...

am disgusted....

Erny said...

Gosh! I wouldn't mind living with a HIV positive husband, and taking care of him, just like what we vow, through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, till death do us part. But not with such selfish guy. Just for sex???! He passes his burden to another human. he should be killed that instant.

Kikey Loo said...

gosh, that guy is suck!

MKL said...

That guy spams on almost all the blogs I read. I wonder when he'll come to my blog. He'll be deleted immediately!

Toothfairy said...

@MKL: out catching ppl again :P

anyway, yes I do think the guy is a nutcase and selfish and should be punished. BUT I also feel pity for him... not because he's sick, or that he's going to prison (he really should), but because he was feeling ALONE, and not loved by his own wife and family. What he did was wrong, really is...


MKL said...

@toothfairy: Don't you know that you and me are the spam cops? The only difference is, I am the bad cop ;)

Shingo T said...

ya, this guy is sick, both physically but mentally.

Ai Shiang:
I'm one of those Malaysians who don't know Malay. *blush*

I couldn't find "sengget" on Google Translate, my guess it's something like "adultery"?

the girl in stiletto:
haha, you are one gal who's not afraid to have blood shed for justice!

And no presents from Santa Claus too for being a bad boy.

I guessed my emotions have been clouded with this man's selfishness. Thanks for reminding me that this man is also a little pitiful, though he probably started his own misery.

Agreed with you the kids are poor thing. Having to know they have such a father, and having to take care of the HIV-infected parents.

Just deleted the spammer's message. No way is he going to get more publicity via my blog.

Haha, you aren't the bad cop. For a guy, you are so much more emotional and less aggressive than many of us.

Lily Riani:
That's why some parents always step in when their daughter choose a man for the hubby, one bad decision will result in a bad ending with no turning back.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. Not many women will forgive their man for being HIV-infected. So kudos to ya.

Kikey Loo:
This is just a black sheep. Most guys are good. ^_^

Being lonely doesn't give enough reasons for a man to stray. If that was the case, he should have feedback to his wife, before actually attempting to stray. My 2 cents. ^_^

SJ said...

bad move..real bad..

A smile from SJ =)

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Damn CB loh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

autumn said...

omg, this is sick.. why didn't he thought of the wife's willingness to still let him stay with the family even with such a sickness, sigh.

btw, i think supposed to be 'senget' instead, which means 'not straight' literally, and if we say 'berfikiran senget', it means having 'dirty' thoughts. =D

HappySurfer said...

Shingo, I totally, totally agree with what you said here that

Being lonely doesn't give enough reasons for a man to stray. If that was the case, he should have feedback to his wife, before actually attempting to stray."

These are close to the exact words I told a friend who got found out by his wife. They're now divorced.

You're a good man, Shingo. Your wifey is very lucky to have you or is it the other way around, I forget. Kidding..

Bananazą“• said...

The guy is very sick, body and mind is not in harmony.

Donna said...

he is a bastard!!!!
yerrrrrrr... why he like that one...

Sharon said...

im disgusted with such selfish act! you're right, he should be chopped and hung!

Anonymous said...

What a horrible thing to do to one's wife! It's like that recent incident reported in the local papers...of a guy who poured acid onto his wife and daughter.

Roxy. said...

It's fear that drives this man.
It's pity that his wife could not give him the security.
It's just a sad world.

CheaHS@n said...

Agree with Roxy its fear and the loneliness could have drove him nuts to do stupid things..

Shingo T said...

Ya, some moves in life are life-changing. That's why the pros and cons must be considered wisely before we make any life-changing moves.

haha, ya!

Thanks for the malay lesson. ^_^

Love is a 2-way relationship. I'm lucky to have her, and she's lucky to have me. Sometimes, it's just so easy to take the other party for granted, it's scary.

in your words, this is one rotten banana.

Donna and Sharon:
besides being disgusted, let this also be a lesson for us about the importance of communicating.

Mei Teng:
The guy's crazy to pour acid. Time to put couples to psychological tests before they get married?

It's depressing, but it's an isolated example. There are many marriages that end up happily ever after.

Agreed with ya. Still, it's not a good reason.

Stefanie said...

What the hell What the hell!

I would rather to let him to look for prostitute. *TOUCH WOOD*

foongpc said...

That's horrible! He should be charged with first degree murder! Infecting others with AIDS is equivalent to murder.

Shingo T said...

haha, you are a very animated person.

Agree that it's like murder. Just that HIV is a slower and more painful version.

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