Thursday, December 10

Being cool

I brought Wifey to a investment scheme recently. Was briefed by a guy who also works part-time as an actor. He was a nice guy, and a smooth talker, and while the investment was very tempting, he reasoned that it will be valid ONLY if we signed up on the day. That's the first warning sign that something was not going right. Having written articles on ponzi schemes, the last thing I wanted was to end up being a victim of one.

As the part-time actor tried to shoot down every reason that was holding me back from signing the deal, his patience started to wear thin. In fact, he started looking impatient as I (purposely) long-windedly reasoned with him. I was having fun playing with him! ^_^

I kept my cool, while remaining firm on my perspectives, and watched how he finally gave up and sent us to the door. It's amazing how salespeople can be angels at one moment, yet sucuumb to pressure and lose their composure at the most critical moment.

What he may not have realised that his impatience was producing cracks in his otherwise flawless presentation.

If you want to be a conman, at least be one who is cool.

Which brings me to today's topic, the importance of being cool. When it comes to work, job descriptions often have this line called "Ability to work under tight deadlines and pressure". People who can perform under pressure are seen in a very positive light, and are potential candidates to be groomed for bigger positions.

In Singapore's cheap, fast and good society, pressure is the ability to do something with GOOD quality, subjected to a FAST deadline, regardless whether or not you are paid CHEAP.

And having the right MINDSET is key to ensuring the best outcome in the midst of performing under pressure. It is not something that can be brainwashed overnight, but it doesn't mean we put off correcting the mindset.

When you can manage pressure in all areas of your life, you realise that life is very much a breeze.

An article once suggested that when it comes to choosing a life partner, before you turn a girl of your dreams into YOUR WIFE, it is important to see how she performs under pressure.

Say, you and a girl of your dreams are on a backpacking holiday, and the hotel which you have booked for, insisted that due to a clerical error, there are no more rooms for you. The two of you continue looking for a few more backpacking hotels and found that there are no more rooms anywhere as the rooms are mostly booked for a major local event. For a moment, it seems that the 2 of you may even have to sleep on the streets in this dangerous city! See how she reacts to this. If she starts blaming you, throw tantrums, or start to give you the cold shoulder, imagine what is in stalled for you when you finally marry her. How is she going to handle the BIGGER things in married life?

When you perform under pressure in all aspects of your life, you gain this aura of security, and people are magnetically attracted to you.

Life becomes easier, and you will realise that life is beautiful!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

He lost his coolness because he noticed that you were making fun of him. hehehe

HappySurfer said...

You said, "If you want to be a conman, at least be one who is cool."

He isn't a conman afterall..?
The poor chap was merely making a living, perhaps?

Just curious, did you put your wifey thru that hotel-no-room test? I should think when two people are smitten with each other, one normally thinks with the heart, not so much with the head. I suppose there are people out there who are smart (read "wily") that way (even when in love). You think?

iamthewitch said...

Ah I just detest these salespersons.. especially on whatever investment schemes that they're selling. I hate it that they make you feel/look foolish for not signing up, when the rest of them are already making supposedly big money out of it. So what?

Lily Riani said...

interesting. i experience hv 2 scenarios almost the same.

1. fren fall for biz pry - "today only promo" + "angmoh" sales man combo (malaysian mentality). signed up for rm10.5k, her 2 girl fren(me and another lady) said NOT to do it, she said she & hubby wanna go "global" thus this investment, dont wanna "stuck here forever". at the end, she INSISTED her 2 best fren(us) to split the cost and claimed we "agreed" to it since my fren advance her money, this couple refuse to reimburse back. verdict = now we are no more frens with them.

2. frens trip to amsterdam - same scenario as you stated. i said paris, brussel & amsterdam(3 hrs journey), she said paris germany(border only 6 hrs). she cant decide and said to book when we reached the ctry, finally selected amsterdam but thr's football match UK vs netherland thus ALL ROOM fully booked. i was prepared to sleep in train station afterall she said we reach THERE and decide maa(i suggested pre-booking b4 depart fr malaysia). blame came into place, but we still fren lar(am very weary though, travel with diff group nowadays).

ehehhe... abit long winded.... btw, some are just suckers.

Ai Shiang said...

That's why I never let man do the organising part especially on a trip. I am too organized that people cannot stand me hahaha! Making a last minute booking for accommodation isn't my usual habit - not anything.

wenn said...

well.. salesperson are trained to keep their cool and work towards their success..

MKL said...

Great post, bro! I especially like the last part, haha. Reminds me of my ex and me, when we reached to HK this year. We were wandering around Kowloon for 2h, looking for a hotel and I have to say it wasn't really fun. Actually, she was quite patient at that time, but all in all, it wasn't fun to travel with her. Throwing tantrums and mood swings were common... hmm.. now she's my ex. I guess we just didn't click in the end, too different.

PS: You're always so cool, I should employ you as my secretary fixing things for me :P

SJ said...

haha..uncool conman...

A smile from SJ =)

CheaHS@n said...

So the dragon clawed the green snake with ease. About seeing the true color of a person guess these three 'tests' are quite accurate most of the time. During gambling be it mahjong or cards, during a drinking session and on a sightseeing tour, quite similar to your backpacking.

khengsiong said...

Regarding choosing life partners...
It is not like choosing apples in supermarket. The apples can't reject your choice, but the person you admire can...

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

I agree with u ... by observing the little reactions they display on a 'crisis' .. actually can determine how they will react to bigger issues in life ..... thou it's not 100% accurate ....

Hmmm .. I must be aware of my own reactions at all time to avoid being left on the shelf!!!!

Shingo T said...

I liked to think of it as he was over-confident that he could seal the deal, though you may be right. I just thought he should have acted more professional by keeping his cool, regardless of the circumstance.

In sales, customer is king.

hmm... maybe I shouldn't have used the word "conman". Innocent until proven guilty, right?

Anyway, Wifey did go read up over the forums about the company. There were quite some complaints.

The guy also didn't seem as if he had worked there for 6 years, as he had claimed.

I did not put Wifey through the "test". Didn't know about it then, haha.

I always admire these guys for being able to smoke all the questions regarding their products, no matter how dubious it is.

Lily Riani:
I can relate to both your examples. For the first one, it seems irresponsible for your friend to force to have a part in it.

Ai Shiang:
haha, can see from your comment that you are one systematic and organised person. Which means it's ok for your man to be the opposite, since u can do all the planning.

Sales is a tough job, as it's not just customer service, but also product knowledge. As such, it's easy to lose the cool.

Bad choice. Get a secretary who looks pretty and wear skirts. =p

One of my first criterias of getting a gal is that she must not be daddy's little princess. These ladies are normally too spoilt for my liking.

Uncool conmans just won't succeed.

haha, I agree with you that mahjong ethics also tell alot about a person, particularly those who are very competitive.

Agree with ya. But when the gal is madly in love with ya, the ball is in your court. And that's where you have to make a stand - to marry or skip this.

Your bf looks like a nice guy, just remember not to take him for granted. ^_^

Also, age is on your side. When you become as old as *cough cough*, then you should be afraid of being single.

Bananazą“• said...

Talking about cool sorry cannot help looking at your dancing girl on the right, she's kinda cool and I got lost oops..

Saw this sign in a CEO room which says:
Rule #1. The customer is always right.
Rule #2. What if customer is wrong, refer to Rule #1.

Mei Teng said...

He can't hide what's inside of him. Sooner or later, it will all come out. That's what people are like. The true self manifests with time...

Toothfairy said...

You know in China, there are lots of conmen! a lot, from hairdressers to salespeople to WHATEVERRR... as long as they can get money from you. Very very bad chinese thing I'd say, and I was very annoyed by it. I get that they want to earn more and all, but that is NOT the way!


Shingo T said...

Gosh, the dancing girl is stealing my show.

My company has a similar policy to the signboard in the CEO's room, "Sales is King!"

Mei Teng:
no matters how much a fox tries to hide his tail, the truth will be revealed someday.

I always felt Chinese are very money-minded practical people. It isn't always good, as you said, if it means resorting to scams. But being money-minded have produced many hardworking people, and hopefully, being cautious when it comes to investing and such.

ladyviral said...

Hahaha! Now it is true that we should keep it cool :). In whatever we do! What we do would affect what would happen after. So why making a negative reaction when a positive can be done? :).

Stefanie said...

"Life becomes easier, and you will realise that life is beautiful! "
Nice phrase.

Yet, I'm not that kind of girlfriend. HAHAHA!

foongpc said...

OK, a new thing I learn today if I want to be a conman is to keep it cool all they way! LOL!

Shingo T said...

Agreed. We can't always control what we are given, but we can decide how we want to react.

Every girlfriend is unique and charming in their own ways. You have a magnetic smile, use that to your advantage!

yup, but don't tell anyone I taught you this. =p

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