Tuesday, December 22

Random Notes 42

(1) If God kills a bunny everytime you buy a pirated disc, will you still go ahead?

(2) I still have Part 2 and Part 3 waiting to be written about my insight on Network Marketing. There are tons of misconceptions that I wanna clear. I'm not trying to get people into this industry, because this is NOT an easy way to get rich. I'm still wondering if I should write them.

(3) For those of you wondering how I look like in real-life, MKL has revealed a photo of me in his blog that looks something like this (the guy on the right shoving snow).

Thanks for the surprise picture, it did made me chuckle.

(4) While the rest of Europe and the US are freezing cold, I'm craving for snow too, just like Manju.
*Shoutout to Manju*

(5) Wifey and I got a Christmas tree this year, it's something that Wifey always wanted in her very own home. And so we got a 6 inch foot white Christmas tree. I got to admit it's very nice after decoration, despite my earlier protest that the tree will be taking up space in the storeroom for 11 months a year.

(6) Wifey has left 7 presents under the same Christmas tree, all addressed to me, from Santa Claus. Day after day, she's asking me why Santa Claus never bought anything for her. Gosh, 7 presents. Where's "Santa Claus" gonna find so many presents for her?

(7) Most rich people have something in common. They fail much more often than those who are not willing to take risks. And that's why they get the kind of rewards that you and I will never get.

(8) Ever heard about the REAL story of a Singaporean who made millions using $1? No no, it's not me. I'll share the story with you someday.

(9) Well, if all you want for Christmas are your 2 front tooth, go look for Toothfairy. Ya, go spam her blog for your front tooth.

Ok, I'm kidding for the last one.


Roxy. said...

I wont't buy a pirated disc but i will prolly go download then. :p

Wow, i used to have a christmas tree every christmas, but as i grew older,I decided not to put up the christmas tree because after a few days, i will have to put it back down and i had no time to set it up either.

Y only 7 presents. not 12 presents meh? the 12 days of christmas. LOL.

yes, pls share the story of the singaporean who had one buck. i want to learn. LOL. kaching !

[SK] said...

(1) well, god won't be killing bunnies.. :p
(3) cool, skiing naked?? fuyoh~~
(4) well we normally crave for something we can't have, and when we have it we will hate it.. :D
(5) hmm, just a 6-inch tree, that's rather small and i don't think it takes up space right??
(6) simple!! just buy 1 and split into 7!! haha :D

Ai Shiang said...

Note 7 - that is so true!

Note 8 - would like to read about that.

MKL said...

1 Why does God not kill the buyer of the pirated disc? Why does God not destroy all pirated discs? Maybe because he wants to give back something to the little man and doesn't want the corporations get even richer by trying to sell us more crap year by year. Ok, does that make sense? :)

3 Now your identity is revealed :P And you see, I covered your most private parts, haha.. I'm still decent ;)

5,6 Wifey seems to be more romantic, while you are just reasonable. How do you two get along?? She gives you 7 presents and you are still at zero? Tsk tsk.. run fast to Takashimaya.. no, better go to Lucky Plaza, you might get lucky, hehe..

8 I wanna hear the story.

9 You kid not!

khengsiong said...

You need to get one present for your wife - LV handbag.

HappySurfer said...

Did you say 6 inch? Oops! The white Christmas tree I was referring to.

Poor bunny!

Bananazą“• said...

(1) Thous shall not kill..
(2) Please keep em coming
(3) Oh nice boots sorry no comment on your butt - censored
(4) Hi Manju, very creative snow
(5) HappySurfer you sure got great sense of humour, what to hang on a 6" tree, money?
(6) Good luck & happy shopping doubled up get 14 presents
(7) Very 108% true
(8) Yes please TQ
(9) Oops Toothfairy gone on holiday in her bubble balloon together with hippo
(10) Thank you so much for the fun, merry Xmas..

Anonymous said...

I am not into pirated stuff. If I cannot afford it, I just don't use it.

I didn't put up a Christmas tree this year. Too lazy.

Will be getting presents for my nephews tomorrow night.

Have a great Christmas and happy hols!

wenn said...

merry xmas!

The Bimbo said...

(1) WHY A BUNNY? But I'm a bunny! *sob* STOP PIRACY! *feels hypocritical*

(2)you should write whatever you want to.

(3) SEXY!

(4)... crush lots of ice.

(5) But it's only 6 inches tall... nvm la.

(6)ERHM.. shoes, perfume, bag, wallet, skincare, makeup, spa vouchers, necklace, ring, bracelet, office stuff, Iphone....

(7) right. They should be rightfully rewarded for the courage to take the jump.

(8) make it soon?

(9) I have them safely in my mouth. :)

Lily Riani said...

like the last one.....ahhahah

Toothfairy said...

HAHAHAHA what's up with calling all spammer to my blog!

well, at least I don't run around naked and only wearing angel wings huh!

@nr 1: uh... I like bunnies, I like bunnies... I want a bunny... but I DL all my music from the internet... does that count? :P


the girl in stiletto said...

nashe was telling me the other day ion orchard is opening (or has opened?)... your wifey will be very happy with those shops :D

iamthewitch said...

Oh my, you almost got me in the picture of 'you'! LOL Just wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :)

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Merry Christmas To You!!!!

Cherish Tulips said...

I'm yet to buy a big X'mas tree for my home..still putting up my 3 feet tree...
Have a Merry X'mas & Happy New Year to you and your wifey!

misscindee said...

*thumbs up* I agree with #7

Stefanie said...

To the naked Shingo fairy:

Merry Christmas, wish u have a joyful one.

From: Evil Steffunny. ;)

Manju said...

yes yes!!we should do the snow dance haha

Nino's post was hilarious!we all know that you're actually a fairy now! cat's out of the bag ^_^

And oh that $1 to 1 million story is definitely soemthing i wanna hear. i feel so broke now...christmas after effects >.<

anyway, Merry Christmas Shingo!! :D

Erny said...

I love your note (7). so very true!

Anonymous said...

SEVEN presents? woah.....

HappySurfer said...

Shingo, here's the response to your comments.

Happy weekend..

mrdes said...

Just curious...you had found 7 presents to survive Xmas, right? Hello, hello, are you there?:P

Hope you had a great Xmas. And Happy New year! (I am not too early, am I?:))

Superman said...

Nice random notes. I also always dream to have a Christmas tree in my house. Happy new year!

Shingo T said...

Oops, I mean a 6-foot tree, noit a 6-inch one.

12 presents are too much. Improving the country's economy is not on my agenda.

haha, true. God don't kill bunnies. They are too cute!

Ai Shiang & misscindee & Erny:
With respect to (7), That's why i love making mistakes, though I don't intentionally make them.

haha, I like your reasoning that God wants to give the little man something.

And thanks for "covering" me up. But you will get your desserts someday.
*searches around the Internet for payback" =p

I promised her a LV bag when she reaches her 30. Oh wait, she make me promised it.

What did you think the 6 inch mentioned? Haha, but ya, it's a typo.

Hope you had a great xmas too.

Mei Teng:
I have the impression that you are quite a principled person with strong beliefs. Wasn't surprised you rather not have anything than to get the pirated stuff.

wenn & Princess:
Merry (belated) xmas to you too!

The Bimbo:
You really are the person to look for to know what gifts to get a gal.

Lily Riani:
pss... go spam her.

Downloading is fine. No bunnies are killed.

Girl in stiletto:
Ion Orchard are more for the high end shoppers. I'm poor. Sniff.

I have nicer looking butt, that can't possibly be me.

Cherish Tulips:
haha, may the new year be a more meaningful and joyful year for you, now that you have a bundle of joy. ^_^

you are evil. You should go to Halloween party in a she-devil suit, it will suit you really really well. =p

haha, let's do the snow dance. ^_^ But let me get some clothes first.

The Envoy:
you feel my pain, bro. I know it.

I only manage to get 4 presents. I think Wifey let me live another year to make amendments.

Malaysia houses are bigger. Get your own tree, or grow one for next year! ^_^

foongpc said...

OMG! I spent 5 minutes writing a comment here and Firefox crashed! Now it's all gone! Damn!!!

foongpc said...

OK, will have to revert to spamming by leaving shorter but more number of comments. Cannot take it if lose the whole thing again!

foongpc said...

1. I will try not to buy pirated disc evben if God does not kill bunnies cos I know how much effort and work artists and those production people put in for the discs.

foongpc said...

2. Go ahead! Even though I'm no longer in the MLM industry : )

foongpc said...

3. haha! I don't really care how you look like.

foongpc said...

4. I think I can't stand the cold, still prefer the hot tropical climate! And the humid weather is better for our skin : )

foongpc said...

5. It's nice to have an Xmas tree. At least can feel the Xmas mood : )

foongpc said...

6. Don't think Santa can help you cos I have never gotten any presents from Santa : )

foongpc said...

7. No risk, no gain : )

foongpc said...

8. Is his method duplicable for everyone? : )

foongpc said...

9. All I want for Christmas is lots of sleep, food and good friends! : )

Shingo T said...

(4) Didn't know humid weather was better for the skin. Haha, maybe something to do with moisturising. =p

(5) Now that xmas is over, I'm lazy to pack up the tree.

(8) His method is duplicable, ONLY if we have his guts. I'll explain that in Part 2 of my "Earning a million dollars" article.

(9) Isn't it amazing why many of us celebrate christmas on Christmas Eve, and on the day itself, we catch up on sleep. =p

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