Thursday, December 17

Money and Us

Is it true that opposites attract?

Well, my Wifey's hobby is to spend money.
And my hobby is to make them.

It's interesting how the 2 of us never have big quarrels when it comes to money.

I'm sure you have heard of the popular gals saying.
"My hubby's money is my money. And my money is still my money."

Being the male chauvinist pig (MCP) that I am, there is no way I will hand the purse to my Wifey. Thus I hold the responsibilities of what to do with our combined savings.

My personal MCP philosophy has always been this.
"Man take charge of the BIG things, and the woman take care of the small things."

Actually, it's not that Wifey can't do big things. But rather, she id not interested to spend time doing finance and investment-related research. She rather do research on our next travel itinery, baking cakes and cookies, and surfing forum for things to shop. And those, are the smaller things in life.

I liked it when she ask me for permission to buy pricey purchases. It makes me feel very in control of our finances. I'm rational enough to determine what are needs and what are wants, which is important because Wifey think everything is a "need". Sigh.

Sometimes I reject her planned purchases, and she starts sulking for the rest of the day. It's a pretty smart tactical move on her end, because sometimes I let her have it her way just to stop her from sulking.

But then, there are also cases when I insist on not buying certain stuffs for her.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

A few years ago, when I started playing the stock market, I made a little money. Being a noob, I started playing bigger and made all the noobish stocks mistakes. And I lost money amounting to 5-digit figures. And I had problem sleeping for 3 nights. I told Wifey of the amount that I lost, expecting her to nag or scold me, like most people's wifes. And her reply? She just said "ok", as if the money meant nothing to her.

In her view, she doesn't care about finances. She leaves me to manage it. It made me very relieved, and blessed to have such a Wifey who doesn't add oil to fire. That really helped me to direct effort to analyse how I should have played stocks differently. A year later, I recovered every single dollar that I lost, and started making some money.

Should Wifey have quarrelled with me over my losses, I might have just gave up on stocks and never made back what I lost.

Behind every successful man, there is a supportive Wifey.

Thank you for trusting me, Wifey.
Love you much much.


Mabel Low said...

Aww.. At least she knows her boundaries and respects your decisions. Maybe someday, you can teach me how to play the stock market:P:P

MKL said...

1) Ok, first of all, I'm waiting for the day when you retire from blogging and your Wifey takes over. That would be awesome! Ehm, actually, you still need to comment on our blogs, though :P

2)Ok, the second thing that made me chuckle was when you said:

"Man take charge of the BIG things, and the woman take care of the small things."

Hope you spoke figuratively and not literally. (Man am I bad today) :P

3) And at last, I did invest in stocks some 5 years ago and doubled it in a year, then I took it out and traveled to Singapore, Malaysia.. :) If I didn't sell at that time, I'd have 5 times more in 2006, because our market was skyrocketing.. then came 2007 and I was happy I didn't have stocks.. and 2008... Hope you didn't have any losses recently ;)

the girl in stiletto said...

well, good thing your wifey doesnt "care" (a word which i use loosely here) much about money or else she would have killed you or something over the lost.

either that, or she cares about you more than you know and she knows not to add oil to the fire because she knows you better than you give her credit for.

we may be the creatures who seem to spend extensively, only because we love pretty new things :D and we feel very much in control when we spend. you know, the way you boys feel so masculine looking after the girls and do boy stuff like cars, football, deciding for major things like important purchases etc.

you know what im saying :D or maybe you dont. but now you do!hehe

wenn said...

well..she has not much say as u r the one earning money..

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

YOu and your wifey sounds like my hubby and I. Better to compromise. I do not spend much. I am very happy for you for having such a wonderful wife.

Bruce828 said...

Thx for dropping comment on my blog^^ Wish u and ur wifey happily ever after^^

and make BIG MONEY^^ in the future~

The Bimbo said...

haha Thanks for dropping by. :)

My bf is also an MCP and he's proud of it. *like you* He'll thank people if they compliment him on being one. :)

And I like to decide on the small matters too... esp if everything is a small matter. LOL

Roxy. said...

As usual, Shingo promoting his wife. :D
I dun know if opposites attract that much. But most of my friends are quite alike. Maybe it's birds of a feather flock together.

iamthewitch said...

So very sweet. :) I'm sure she's proud of you. :)

foongpc said...

Wow, you are lucky to have such a wonderful wife! It's good she doens't nag you or get angry when you make mistakes on your investments.

That may be the reason why you and your wife seldom quarrel - she spends money and you make money!

Ai Shiang said...

Planning to quit your day job to do just trading the market?

khengsiong said...

I'd suggest that you let your wife take charge of finance. This is women's inbred expertise. You decide whether to travel.

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Lucky u!

Bananazą“• said...

Your wifey may not care about $ firstly she don't need it and second she may be aware that stocks have its ups and downs and she trusted your judgement. Great understanding wifey.

Cherish Tulips said...

YOu a man,baking cookies, cleaning and planning for holidays might be a small chore but for a woman, it's a big responsibility. Well, you're lucky that there's a balance in your relationship with your wife.Sure, is nice to have a hubby who makes loads of money!! and then we(the women) get to spend all of it!

Nina said...

Oooh! I love your post. You and your wife are perfect for each other. Reminds me actually of the hubby and I. And I'm exactly the same way about how he invests the money ... if he loses some, well, I know he'll recover it sometime anyway, why lose sleep over it?!

I can tell that I'll be a frequent visitor to your blog. at least, that way, I'll know how the other half feels!


PS You were sooo funny with your comment: "Not a big fan of animal clothings. I'm a big fan of meat." Hilarious. I was in stitches!

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Opposits attract and the secret is you complement each other, a compatible couple. What I observe is that your wife is definitely smarter than what you give her credit for. Behind every great man there is an intelligent woman!

Manju said...

awww this only shows that you matter much more than money to her, thats really sweet ^_^

[SK] said...

it's the mutual trust and respect that keeps two person together, i'm sure both you and your wife are maintaining good relationship because you both complement each other :)

RaspberryKitsch said...

aww its good to be opposites though cos it keeps things in balance. i'm glad she didnt nag you as you're right you may never have gone back to it. glad u recovered your losses!

Mei Teng said...

You're a smart guy ;)

I agree that having a loving and supportive wife is very important.

Erny said...

I said that too!!!!
His money is my money, my money, is still my money!!

Wenny said...

I like to say to my hubby "your money is my money and my money is mine" too. It's true what!!!

If any men want to be MCP, then they better expect to shoulder all the expenses. ;)

Anyway, you and wifey certainly make a great team ... a fantastic partnership.

Stefanie said...

aww...sweet til max!!!

ni jiu hao such a lovely wifey. Must sayang her a lot k?! :)

Old Beng said...

Hmmm... quite sama sama with lim peh.

For us,

Big issues lim peh decide;
Small issues my wife decides;
What is considered Big or small issue, my wife decides;

autumn said...

lol, Old Beng is funny lah.

i agree with some of the comments above, it's just that the two of you complement each other just nice and love and respect each other well enough to have such understanding.

which is something i don't see between moi and bf.. sigh.

Lily Riani said...

i thk she played the reverse pycholgy card...heeheehhe

Toothfairy said...

glad you have such a great wifey!

that saying:
my hubby's money is my money.

that sucks! I dislike girls who spray that line in advance, because I like girls to be independent.


Shingo T said...

Mabel Low:
I learnt alot from the stock market, but it doesn't make me an expert. You gotta make your own noob mistakes, paying "school fees" will make you learn faster.

Wifey's too busy with her online surfing and shopping to bother about blogging. Haha.

The market has been recovering over the past few months. Ever thought of re-investing in the market again?

girl in stiletto:
I love this phrase of yours, and yes, I get what you mean.

we may be the creatures who seem to spend extensively, only because we love pretty new things :D and we feel very much in control when we spend. you know, the way you boys feel so masculine looking after the girls and do boy stuff like cars, football, deciding for major things like important purchases etc.

I know some ladies like to hold the purses even though they don't work. Personally, I don't like that.

Shakira Choong:
I'm sure your hubby's happy to have a wife like you too.

May the new year bring you happiness and prosperity too!

The Bimbo:
haha, so you decide which are the big and small matters? Congrats on having a MCP bf.

I give credits to my Wifey when due. Similarly, I gve her feedback when I disagree with what she does.

I think I'm proud of her more than she's proud of me. =p

Get one of your own. New year calls for a new resolution.

Ai Shiang:
nope. I'm not good enough to trade the market full-time. When investing becomes a rice bowl, there is less fun.

Most women are more meticulous than their men. I think they should do both the travel and the financial planning. =p And I should just shake leg.

I don't believe alot in luck. I create them.

ya, I give thanks to her for being so understanding, though she still has her childish times too.

Cherish Tulips:
Gosh, don't spend all the money. Leave some for a rainy day.

you are a wonderful wife for trusting your hubby with the money.

Autumn Belle:
All my friends think Wifey is smarter than me. And I so totally disagree. The 2 of us will then fight it out in IQ tests, but often she wins. =(

Everytime I get upset about Wifey, I think about good times like these that soothes me.

thanks, you made my day with your kind words.

Raspberry Kitsch:
Well said. By being opposites keep us in check.

Mei Teng:
I can be very silly too. My Wifey can vouch for that.

your YP is a nice guy, my guess is that he probably didn't shoot you down when you made that statement.

I don't mind shouldering the expenses. It makes me feel more MAN too. Haha.

You must ask her to sayang me more too. I'm just a mere mortal.

Old Beng:
Haha, there are cases when the wife decides which are small matters too, on my end.

As couples, I always think it's good to share expectations of each other. Let him know how you feel, and who knows, things may go better than you had imagined.

Communication is key, NEVER forget that.

Lily Riani:
haha. She better not be.

I think all gals should have you as a role model. ^_^

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