Monday, January 18

My blog is made of these

Every blogger has his/her own style of blogging. Today, I will do a little writeup on what I think this blog is about, and what this blog isn't.

Cup of Ice has always been a very wordy blog. I enjoyed writing about what I know the best - HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL. One does not have to be the best as a prerequisite to write about any topic - else, there's only one person in the world qualified to write about anything. Rather, I see myself as being decently knowledgable enough about how the world spins, so I will shamelessly preach about my beliefs.

My blog was created as an avenue to exchange ideas. While I love to write non-stop (and keep repeating the same old points), I really love to read endless comments too. You don't have to agree with what I write, but I will appreciate if you tell me what you agree and disagree with.

There's no right or wrong, everything is subjective.

(1) When it comes to being HAPPY, I have done alot of reading on self-help books on the secrets to be happy. And actually, the concepts are sama sama (similar), just phrased in different ways. It is not hard to be happy, but I hope to be able to give a little timely reminder here and there for those of you who tend to be lost every now and then in their search for happiness.

(2) I have been writing less articles on being HEALTHY nowadays, but I am still very focus on this topic in real-life (Uncle Shingo is getting old), setting dietary targets for myself. I am by no means an expert in this topic, the closest I have done "as an expert" is to give a talk on the benefits and analysis of fish oil. I'm no doctor nor dentist, but I have done a fair bit of readup on nutrition, on magazines and on newspapers.

(3) When it comes to being WEALTHY, I am nowhere near the million dollar club. However, I am a proud member of the rupiah million dollar club. I work for an employer, have housing loans to pay, and a family to feed. But I think it's very important for everyone to have a rich man's mindset (everyone should read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Also, one should be very aware of money-making opportunities. As any insurance agent will tell you, when you put your money to the bank, it is losing to inflation. Despite knowing these theories, I won't be able to afford a big house, but at least I don't want to be washing plates when I retire. I wanna retire with whatever remaining time to pursue my activities, and hopefully see the world with Wifey.

(4) I am a very SUCCESSFUL guy, but ONLY by my own definition. Being successful is not the amount of money you have, but it emcompass many all-rounded factors. I have the mindset and maturity one in handling real-life situations, which unfortunately, is lacking in many people (yes, I'm bragging). And I don't do unneccessary relative comparisons with the "better" people, other than for the purpose of learning. Being contented has nothing to do with resting on my laurels. I am motivated enough to make myself better, and constantly do so.

I am a punching bag that bounces back every single time I'm hit. It's called reflex action.

As for what this blog isn't, first I must say that when it comes to blogging, one must always be mindful not to be a jack of all trade, and master of none. Have confidence in yourself and know where you shine at.

(A) I don't camwhore on my blog, because that is so not me. I do not party and enjoy life the way that interest you, so there's nothing to write or camwhore about. My life mainly revolves mainly about my work and Wifey. I will leave it to the many bloggers out there who are more photogenic to camwhore. (I am still unbelievably handsome nonetheless.)

Did I say that I love looking at blogs of pretty young things? Don't tell Wifey though, she will pull my ear.

(B) My blog is intended to have a fast loading speed, because it has minimal pics. Any pics that you see on my blog are probably stolen. (sorry, I know I'm unethical) If you want to see nice scenery pics, you gotta head to other better blogs.

All in all, just have fun posting what you love doing. As long as you have passion in what you blog, the readers will feel it.

Quoting Avatar, "I see you" when I read your entries. Hopefully, you get to "see me" too when you read mine. I follow quite a few blogs out there, but I may not always comment, unless you want me to put motherhood generic comments like "Yes, I agree totally", or "Great work". Don't wanna comment for the sake of commenting, because reading and blogging should never be a chore.

Ok, that's all. May all of you get the intangible rewards from blogging that you deserve. ^_^


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Look after the health to be wealthy and happy! Blogging is fun and healthy too - let it not be addictive!I tend to follow blogs that are not toooo long since I hop around!Gotta get some fresh air:)

MKL said...

Another shingtastic post, bro :)

I agree with you on all points. So according to your rule, I should not comment (please delete :P).

Anyway, regarding success and happiness, we should set our own standards, not follow the standards of others or what the advertisers want us to believe.

HappySurfer said...

I see you..

Lily Riani said...

i see you. i hear you. i feel you.

mrdes said...

I hear you:"Did I say that I love looking at blogs of pretty young things?" I confess: me 2:P

Anonymous said...

Stick with the blogging style you enjoy. You don't have to please anyone or everyone :)

Wenny Yap said...

I'm not going to comment like "I totally agree with you" or "I hear you, I see you" ... just blah blah blah ... no comments ;)

I'm pretty sure you'll know I've been here even if I don't comment. It's the positive vibes!

Bananazą“• said...

I See You! We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Cool..

autumn said...

Uncle T! Hahaha, just feel like calling you that instead, more 'in' *yo man* =D

Just watched Avatar yesterday, while the story's simple, I really loved the world and people that James Cameron created, they somehow reminded me of the natives who are still living in the jungles and the equally beautiful and breathtaking places we have here in our world.

Okayokay, off-ed topic! =P I haven't quite 'see' you yet but I love what you write, they inspire me, and at times they even sound reprimanding (as it is whenever I read such relevant articles), like they're knocking on my head and telling me to wake up from my endless daydreams *paiseh betul* Well, I am one very lost yet stubborn soul here >.<

Off-ed topic again! Okayokay, I'll be back for more, Uncle T, do keep knocking my head until I fully wake up! =D

Toothfairy said...

HAHAHAHA... why do keep telling everyone that you're so handsome! we can't even deny, because there's no pic! you sneak! :P

well, I don't think camwhoring is something that makes a blog a good one. I think a blog is actually about writing, and you do that in a great way. I don't put a lot of pictures of myself as well, though I am actually thinking about doing fashion post on a weekly base. Not sure about it though...


the girl in stiletto said...

now i feel bad for camwhoring :( i'm telling your wifey.





no i'm not. i'm kidding. you know i'm kidding right? lol.

everyone has a right to blogging. sometimes i enjoying seeing photos on someone's blog. but there are certain blogs with too much photos that i feel like puking instead. ahaha.

Old Beng said...

Please continue to write whichever style you like. If everyone writes the same way, then what fun will there be?

BTW, that "Old Beng" above at 12:12 AM is some bo-liao man impersonating me leaving stupid comments. The difference in the avatar will show you the fact.

[SK] said...

well, you said it's YOUR BLOG, so there's no wrong you write anything you want, and whatever you think right.. those who doesn't like it, please just leave.. those who love it, then please give fullest support.. isn't this what all the bloggers are doing?? :)

Mabel Low said...

Sometimes i doubt reading self-help books would help at all (or maybe it's because i've never tried reading one before?). I mean, there is no formulae or whatsoever to be/aschieve something. It all comes from experience. Even if there is a certain way to succeed, it is not applicable for everything, no? *shrugs. I always fail to appreciate those books, telling you about the things you should and shouldn't do.

And oh... i hope my blog doesn't load too slowly >.< (for it is partly a photoblog :P)

Donna said...

eh.. i like reading your blog than my own blog leh.. O|~\_
so... write more.. AHAHHA..

Roxy. said...

Yes. To each his own.
Your blog has indeed taught me to look at your perspective of the world.
Cheers to many more postings. (:

khengsiong said...

Guess I'm unsuccessful :'(

My blog is also designed to be fast loading, even though it has some pictures. I reduce the size of these pictures before uploading them. This will make sure they load fast.

Stefanie said...

This is your blog, you can blog whatever you like. I love reading your blog too, coz I can always learn something new from it. :)

Anonymous said...

And may you be happy, healthy and wealthy!

Manju said...

sama sama - sounds funny, i likessss :D
as long as YOU like and enjoy your blog, then that's the most important thing.
i love reading your blog anyway

CheaHS@n said...

May you be more Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Successful. Just be yourself.

foongpc said...

I see you : )

Your post is sure wordy, but I don't think you can beat mine - at least not my latest feng shui post! Haha

You belong to the rupiah million dollar club? I am too! So we are same gang? Haha!

foongpc said...

Btw, I like your random posts the most. No need for photos. I see that in 99 percent of other blogs. haha!

Anonymous said...

Rather cool site you've got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. BTW, why don't you change design :).

misscindee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misscindee said...

I love this post. It's very well written. Esp when you wrote:
"blogging, one must always be mindful not to be a jack of all trade, and master of none. Have confidence in yourself and know where you shine at."

I always come back to the notion that its important to have a strong sense of self. It makes a great foundation for success to build from.

Shingo T said...

Keats The Sunshine Girl:
haha, I know my blog entries can get pretty long.

well said, bro. It's important to have a mind of our own. People's opinions should always be taken as a perspective, not the truth.

If you really see me physically, then you could have been dead. Because my looks can kill. Ya, right.

Lily Riani:
haha, are you just beside me?

haha, I know. That's why we visit HB's blog.

Mei Teng:
yup. I have the right to write, and readers have the right to choose what they want to read.

Wenny Yap:
haha, I know you are stalking me. But I'm sure you know I stalk ya too. Positive vibes attract.

haha, I can't agree more.

yo yo yo. Hey, go update your blog when you are bored, I love the way you write about your personal life, being the kaypoh uncle that I am. Glad to know that what my words have nudged you a little. You can only be young once, don't waste it.

Err... I don't put my handsome photos because err... I'm shy. Ya, that's right. I'm shy.

girl in stiletto:
I like seeing pics on people's blogs, just not about food. It makes me hungry.

Old Beng:
Noted about the fake beng. No wonder you don't sound "so usual", now I know why.

Well said. Yup, my blog, my rules. ^_^

Mabel Low:
Self-help books help in creating awareness of simple facts that we often take it for granted, or forget about. Once you keep in mind these facts, the experience will come in faster as you deal with it the "corrrect" way. ^_^

our blogs have different styles. I like reading your "aunty" style of writing, it relates alot to the uncle in me.

More posts will come. You write your posts too, but hey, your recent posts seem a little philosophical, and sometimes gloomy. Life is better than that! ^_^

You are successful in your own ways. Well, I couldn't snap a decent pic like you guys can. Yup, can see you pay special attention to picture size, keep it up.

Glad you can learn something from here, it makes my day to hear that.

The Envoy:
May the new year be a great one for you too. Most importantly, stay healthy!

Love reading your blog too. You are just so happy and it makes me smile. ^_^

You too. ^_^

Your blog is really wordy, but the many pictures keep it nice.

Agreed totally about the importance of having a strong sense of self.

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