Tuesday, January 12

Random Notes 43

(1) I watched Avatar over the weekends with Wifey. The show was 2 hours 40 minutes, and I had the urge to pee at around the 2 hour mark. But the show kept me on my seats that I forgot I need to pee. That's how good the show was.

(2) I read that Avatar's the 2nd movie that James Cameron (Cameroon?) directed since Titanic, more than 10 years ago. I think he can rest for another 10 years with the proceeds from this box office hit. But then again, maybe he should get us more great shows.

(3) Does anyone agree that Avatar is a great pro-environment conservation show with their anti-deforestation message? We shouldn't be taking airplanes, we should be taming some oversized birds and ride them all over the world. We are one with nature!

(4) I recently stumbled upon a Singapore blog entitled Taxi Driver's Diary. Taxi drivers meet all kinds of people in their day. Maybe I should drive a taxi when I'm sick of corporate life.

(5) One of the best thing about this blogging experience is reading about the lives of different professions. Bunnies, doctor, dentist, entrepenuer, taxi driver, corporate flyers, just to name some.

But one person's profession/area of expertise I am really keen to know is MKL. I could have easily mistaken him for a talent scout for a modelling agency.

(6) For those of you wondering about my real-life job scope, let me just simply summarise it as "I make people's life easier". I thought it sounds better than "I do what my boss ask me to do." What's the layman description of what you do?

(7) Are you doing what you are good at, or what you love best?

(8) I was analysing the Amway compensation plan on my way to work. It's pretty interesting comparing the plans and products of various network marketing companies. Analysis has always been my forte, and more importantly, it's fun! And darn, I missed my MRT stop to alight.

(9) "The key to satisfaction is low expectation", I quote that from Roxy. I couldn't have phrase that better.

(10) Have you heard the story about a mouse who saw the farmer bring in a mousetrap? The mouse warned the chicken, the pig and the cow about it, all of whom totally ignored the mouse because it's none of their business. Eventually, the mouse survived while the other 3 animals died. In every community, everyone is connected.

(11) First the local telco (telephone company) offered caller ID so that we can see which numbers are calling us. And now they just dropped me a message to ask if I want to subscribe to a anonymous number service, so that no one knows what my number is. Somehow I find it a little ironic. But from investor standpoint, it's an INGENIUS money-making idea!

Create something out of nothing and make money out of it.
Then offer to turn it back into nothing and make more money.

(12) Do you know what my Rule #1 is? Never lose track of time.

(13) When looking for a partner, search with both your eyes WIDE OPEN. And after you get married, CLOSE one of the eye. The latter is important because some couples have problem differentating what's REALLY important in married life.

(15) Sometimes, I forget how to count.


[SK] said...

yeah, i agree it's a great movie and i like the message being conveyed in the movie.. and guess Cameron need only a movie in a decade to earn his living, isn't that cool??

Stefanie said...

Avatar is freaking awesome right? I watched it in 3D and was sitting at the 2nd row with a gang of buddy, 10 of us. My eyes pain @.@ but worth it.

Alright, besides reading the blog of different professions, you've also read the crap blog like mine. Wakakaka! Anyway,thanks for reading it too.


Wenny Yap said...

Apa khabar, Uncle Shingo-T? Baik ke? I thought I'd better start with a little Bahasa Melayu for you to practise. Let's see how you response. :)

I've yet to watch Avatar but I heard it is damn good and I should not watch it at home, anyway can't catch in 2D or 3D at home.

Wow, you have a long list of random notes but believe me, I read every one of them.

I totally agree with Roxy, don't expect too much, else we can never achieve the satisfaction. So, no worry if you forget how to count ... life's blessings are uncountable!

khengsiong said...

You know, I worked for a mobile operator for a few years.

The caller ID service is short-coded CLIP - for Calling Line Identification Presentation.
The anonymous service is CLIR - Calling Line Identification Restriction.

Then there is this thing called SOCLIP, which overwrites CLIR. And then there is SOCLIR, which overwrites SOCLIP.

Now your telco is asking you to subscribe to CLIR. There is still a long way to go.

HappySurfer said...

1. What a cool job it is - just having to do a project once a decade! But then again he's been having this script done up many years ago. He probably thought it was too ahead of his time which goes to show that there is a place and time for everything. The message in the movie is just what we need now.

4/5. And there's Waiterrant too. Waiter is a funny guy and he writes well too. The other day, I saw his blog being published as a book. Cool, I thought.

6. You said, "I make people's life easier". Don't we all?! ;p

11. Human nature being such, there is always a demand for every niche.

KS, thanks for that telco jargon lesson. Insightful.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

AVatar seems to be everywhere and I'm nowhere near it!!!
Oh yeah, wise comment about the marriage bit.

Manju said...

aagghh i still havent seen avatar. well i had a little peak at the dvd since i couldnt wait, but i'll go see it in the cinema soon. from the little bit i've seen it sort of gives me princess mononoke vibes for some reason.
and lol you follow the blog of bunnies? haha

Anonymous said...

The key to satisfaction is finding contentment in whatever station of life you're in and not comparing oneself with another coz there will always be someone better than you?

A layman description of what I do? I am a paper shuffler and my work schedule is dictated by the owner of the company literally! :)

MKL said...

The Avatar hype didn't get me, I didn't watch the movie and I don't plan to so soon.
As for my profession, I graduated in German language and literature, I can teach or translate German to English or Slovenian. But after graduating few years ago, jobs were scarce and my mum started a business from scratch and I helped her. I can proudly say that it's a story of success, my mum came from unemployed to upper middle class. The job is related to a phone and I work from home. But I won't say more :P I rather keep work a private matter for now. As you know, I want to be a teacher in Taiwan, that's something I'd love to do, so.. hope it goes well. But who knows, maybe I open a modelling agency in Taipei. ;)

Superman said...

Are you an Engineer? Hehe. That's the first thing strike my mind when I read that your work makes people life easier.
Seems that Avatar is really great. Should watch it then. Got to book the ticket for Saturday.

Roxy. said...

Oh , you hve discovered the smartest cab driver in singapore already. LOL.

Yes, avatar is nice, but have you noticed they skip the part of the two main characters mating.
Take a look at this - http://io9.com/5439885/deleted-avatar-sex-scene-opens-up-some-serious-bestiality-issues

Hmmm, if like what superman says, you are an engineer. Hello fellow occupation mate. (:

Yes, everybody is connected, afterall, aren't we all related to someone in a distant way. :D

btw u not uncle. lol. only 10 years older then me. :p

Lily Riani said...

love it love it love it...... infact am going to bkk hoping to catch avatar in 3d imax!!!

i agree on mkl... he confuses me at start...ehhehe

love number thirteen :D even am not married i will take note.

iamthewitch said...

LOL at point 11! It's so very ironic indeed... and you're with Amway?

Manju said...

replying to your comment here:
Shingo is too kind ;)

i'm gonna go see avatar this weekend!!wheeeee xD

Donna said...

1) thanks for intro the taxidiary, two thumbs up.

2) u r very knowledgable, your posts are very insightful too, which makes me feel ashame about my writing.. =.="

Netster said...

Avatar kick ass!!!!! The kids love it! (not my kids)

I totally agreed with you that Avatar is a great pro-environment conservation show.

James Cameron don’t really need to make more movie after Titanic :) That’s the world record box-office sales and also the most watch movie.... (I watch it 7 times in the cinema ohhh ya...)

In my opinion, he took a long time to make his movie is probably he don’t want to look bad to came up with a movie that cant even make half of what Titanic did.

Making Avatar probably the best thing for his career and image since not many movie maker attempt to do the same if the movie does flop it wasn’t that bad for him but if the movie do super well... than he kept his trophy again.

James try to remake the lines “you jump I jump” with “I see you” don’t really work t me :)

Anyway, it’s still a great movie and the most expensive 3D movie.


Anonymous said...

Am planning to go watch Avatar 3D this weekend.....

Toothfairy said...

nr 7: I hope it's both.

and sometimes I forget how to count too :P

haven't seen avatar yet, the tickets are sold out every time we check!


iamthewitch said...

Oh btw, I have added you to my blogroll coz I can't get enough of your Random Notes! Let's exchange links! :)

Bananazą“• said...

Finally watched Avatar last night, thanks for the tips must empty bladder before the show. Great movie. My first ever movie for 2010, my last was 007 Quantum of Solace. Like the Taxi Driver's Diary, a real life experience. Heard of the mouse story and its true ~ "united we fly" kinda thing. Thought everybody is saying 'love is blind'..oh oh no wonder lots of 'un-marriage', they opened their eyes WIDE after marriage, should be the other way round huh! Will keep that in mind. TQ.

Sharon said...

LOVE #13 :D

Mabel Low said...

Perhaps we should all take up Cameron's profession. So that we can rest every ten years after making an awesome movie. I seriously don't mind watching Avatar for ten years. Once every month. In my dreams. I may never want to wake up... ever. (while trying to analyse how he made it so well!)XD

foongpc said...

1. So how good a show is now determined by one's ability to forget that one need to pee while watching the show? Haha

2. Yes, 1 good movie every 10 years is great for James Cameron!

3. Yes, I agree!

4. Hey, I've read that blog before! now you reminded me of it again, thanks! : )

5. Yes, it's interesting to read blogs by different peeple from different prefessions!

6. Mine is "I make your life a living hell!" OK, just kidding : )

7. Both!

8. You missed your MRT station? That's analysis paralysis! Haha

9. Agree!

10. Yes, we are all connected.

11. What a genius!

12. So that's your No.1 rule? Mine is Be happy no matter what happens!

13. Good advice!

14. Ooh! This number is missing!

15. Just remember how to count when it comes to your money, haha!

The Bimbo said...

Avatar was fantastic. It's not just pro environment... it shows how humans can convince themselves and the world that the barbaric act they are doing is right. :P

Shingo T said...

I wished I could enjoy life every 10 years after earning huge money. ^_^

if your blog is crap, then well, it's a crappy entertaining one.

Wenny Yap:
Apa ini? Hahaha, someday when I master malay, I will look back at what you write.

"Life's blessing are uncountable", another great quote from you!

haha, guess I have to expect more gimmicks over the next few years. They have to wok hard to make me part with my money!
*hugs tightly to my bag of cash*

hmm... Waiterrant, haven't heard of him. Will go read it up someday. Must be a great blog for it to be published.

Not everyone's job is to make people's job easier. My boss "make people's job harder to justify their existence". Haha.

Keats the Sunshine Girl:
well, you probably may have watched Avatar by now. Even if you haven't, it won't mean you won't.

haha, I read the blog of an evil bunny.

Mei Teng:
paper shuffler, haha. I do very little paperwork, if you exclude those paper airplanes I make when I'm bored.

Shingo T said...

you come from very humble origins. I always respected people like you and your mum who could go against the odds and carve a business from scratch.

You will be a great modelling scout, I love all your yummy picks so far. ^_^

nope, I'm not an engineer. But like them, I'm a firm believer in changes.

I didn't know about the censored portion. I thought this was a show for the kids too, didn't expect them to have such a section.

Hmm... you know my age? Then you shall be eliminated. Be very afraid. =p

Lily Riani:
wow, and now you are going Bangkok. You REALLY are a globetrotter.

nope, Amway has a poor staircase breakaway plan, not my cup of tea. Not a big fan of their supplements too.

All of us are knowledgable in some areas, especially areas of our own interest. Ask me about girly stuffs and I say "Save me!!!"

Enjoyed reading your thoughts. With all the hooha about Titanic, James Cameron must be really stressed to beat, or at least keep up his standard.

Haha, I like the "I see you" thingy, thought its simple and effective statement.

The Envoy:
I watched it in 3D too. It's one of the few shows I watched in this format, I'm normally quite stingy but this one is worth every dollar.

Exchanging blog links is cool with me. ^_^

wow, the show is hot in Holland. We have alot of cinemas and timeslots in Singapore to cater for this megahit.

I'm somehow under the impression that you are married, and should have tons of experience of your own to share with us too.

haha, when you get married someday, don't forget it. It works wonders.

Mabel Low:
you are great in photography, that makes you a step closer to a movie career. I'm bad at taking photos.

haha, I call it the pee index. If the pee index is high, that means the show is so lousy that one is conscious of the urge to pee.

You sure are a happy guy, going by Rule #1.

The Bimbo:
Greed clouds conscience sometimes, I guess.

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