Sunday, February 21

Awards and some random notes

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Still busy busy at work, and seriously, I have got idea how long this hiatus will be.

I always talked about the 3 kinds of people.
(1) People who fail and give up
(2) People who fail, keep trying the SAME method, but continue to fail.
(3) People who fail, embark on a DIFFERENT method, and finally suceed.

When applied to my current situation, (1) will mean quitting the blog. It's the easy way out, because reading people's blogs is always easier. But my blog is a place where I cab be "ME", it's a great avenue to share my self-centered thoughts with the world, and I don't intend to give up any time soon.

(2) means I keep continuing to do the things I do now, and that will mean more postponement, and irregularities to my blog entries.

So I decided to do (3), to change the way I blog. Previously, I always make it a point to reply back on each and every comment on my blog post. And trust me, that can be very time-consuming. So from today, I will continue to read ALL comments, but do selective replying or none at all (instead of replying all). In this case, the time that I saved can be channelled into writing some new posts, or reading your blogs.

I should clarify that I read all your comments, and REALLY appreciate your insight to what I write. Keep the comments coming, so I know that I'm not writing to myself. The least I can do is to drop by your blog to see what you have up your sleeves. ^_^

Wenn and Wenny (sounds like sisters, huh?) recently gave me awards through their blog. To which I humbly thank them and accept. I have put them up at the sidebars.

In my next post, I will write about a story I read from a psychologist, which I thought is quite meaningful. And I will write this soon.

Signing off, gotta spend some time with Wifey watching TV, before another long week ahaead.


Erny said...

have been wondering what's up with u lately....great to see you're back!!

Roxy. said...

Yeah ! Its alright, take your time to prioritize your stuff!
Its alright as long as u post ! its great to read your enlightening posts !

MKL said...

Uncle Shingo, you've been doing one too many lou sangs, threw one too many illegal fire crackers, your reunion dinner was lasting 3 days and the rest of CNY you've been touching a lucky fish in Malaysian temples. Admit it, that's what kept you away from blogging :P

Anyway, gong xi fa cai! Hope you had a wonderful time so far. Take it easy with blogging. And you can be sure, I will always read and most likely comment :)

the girl in stiletto said...

i thought you headed off to the beach without telling us. ahaha. gong xi gong xi, shingo.

p.s why is nino calling you uncle? can i call you uncle too? cuz i kinda call everyone uncle & aunty (even when they are clearly younger than me ahah!) just kind of like a type of endearment....

khengsiong said...

I fail, embark on different method, but still fail... So how?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that replying to every single comment can be time-consuming and some days, I just don't feel like replying....and hoping with the subsequent posts, people will forget and not backtrack to read their comments in the previous post..haha ;)

iamthewitch said...

Oh man, no more individual replies? I don't want to comment anymore!!! *sulk* Haha just kidding! Of course I'll still comment because I love reading your posts...! Keep up the good work!

[SK] said...

well i think replying to every comment from your readers is an act to appreciate them also.. this is what i insisted to do.. anyway, if you stop putting comments in your own blog, please don't stop putting comments in mine!! hehe..

happy blogging, you should not stop doing this~~ all the best!!

foongpc said...

I normally do not bother to leave comments at blogs that do not care to respond to my comments cos I feel like I'm being ignored and speaking to a wall.

But since you have said you will be reading all your comments, I will continue to leave my comments here : )

I also leave comments at blogs that moderate comments becos I know that at least the blog owners do read the comments before approving them.

I normally reply to each and every comments on my blog, but I understand it consumes a lot of time. But I sort of like the comments to be a sort of conversation between me and my readers, so I try my best to reply to everyone.

And just like what SK said, whatever you do, make sure you leave comments at our blogs, haha! : )

Lily Riani said...

noticed you MIA-ed for a while yet manage to have time to drop a line or 2 in my blog... sweet i tot.

however, i do miss you blog. agree that it can be time consuming but if it means that you can hv more time to blog then blog away..... we will be waiting

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Glad to know you're still around:) Take it all in your stride - I'll have a burn-out myself if I am busy at work etc and blogging away.No worries -just write!

Manju said...

helllppppp uncle shingo! save me from the zombiesssss >_<
lolzzzz, kidding. im crazily busy as well, studying fulltime and working partime in corporate field, not a lot of free time there boo!

wenn said...

congrats! ya, i hvn't heard from u quite a while. good that u r back.

Stefanie said...

Uncle Shingo is really good. Although he seldom update his blog, but he also will visit my blog everytime I've new entry. Really very supportive. Thank you very much.

Netster said...

Why every one call you uncle? you really that old? hahahaha

Your a very supportive person! you're an awesome uncle!


Netster said...

Oh Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Anonymous said...

You are not right. I am assured. Let's discuss.

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