Friday, February 26

A little bit about what I do

There is a group of people who stay in a small town where temperatures can go up to 40 degree celsius.

Because the weather is hot and dry, it is easy for nearby bushes to catch fire. If left uncontrolled, the fire will spread to the small town and consume the houses and lives of everyone.

Everytime there is a bushfire (and it happens quite frequently), the town folks will get a pail, fill it up with water from the nearest well, and run as fast as they can to the bushfire to put it out.

Because there are so many people, putting the fire out isn't too hard even with pails.

But slowly, some of the people started migrating to the city, and there becomes a shortfall of these firefighters. And there was difficulty attracting more people to the town.

I was created as a support unit. My job is to assist the town folks. If the town folks are the brave warriors at the frontline, then I must be the fragile supporting cleric casting healing spells or protective buffs at my teammates. I collect data and analyse why the fire started. And along the way, I come up with various inventions, like the rubber hose and the fire engine, to replace the time-consuming and inefficient task of carrying buckets of water to and fro.

My glorious inventions are useless if nobody uses them. So education is an important task of mine. I gather the town folks and brief them on how to use it. It helps that the town folks are receptive to my ideas (my charisma and good looks play a great part), unlike the previous town where I worked in, where they call my rubber hose invention a silly rubber snake! =(

I may be the brain, but no one understand the bush fires more than the town folks themselves. So they have been instrumental in giving me feedback on my inventions. My creations were made more practical with their inputs.

My invention tools are not built overnight. Take the fire engine for instance. When I first build it, it doesn't have a steering wheel and the engine can only move linearly, forward and reverse. But I can't wait for the invention to be complete before I let them use it, I will lose my job!

So only during the days when the fire engine were not used, I will add in more features. Subsequently added in the steering wheel, the music set (I gave it a cute name called the Hi Fi), the cool air blower (I call it the Aircon).

And I will color the fire engine red because it is the same color as the fire. Smart, right? I know, I'm a genius!

But as with any invention, there are chances of misuse. One disgruntled town folks drove the fire engine, to be precise, my fire engine, to knock down his love rival. Blood was spilled and stained on my fire engine (I was going to color it red anyway). It really isn't really my fault that accidents happen, because I built it for a noble means. Glad the folks were understanding.

But despite the small setbacks, the benefits outweigh the cons. I derive great satisfaction in seeing the town folks spending lesser time putting out fire, and having more time for themselves with the change in process.

Not for long though, because with the folks spending less time fighting fire, the evil town mayor gave the folks an additional task to start growing crops to sustain the population. Which also means, it's time for some more new inventions. I'm now in the process of inventing something to help their crops grow faster.

And I shall give my ground-breaking new invention a long and impressive name. *ponders*

Ah! I shall call it the Fertiliser.

About the Author: Shingo T is upset that other companies are also using names like "Aircon" and "Hi Fi". Talk about originality!


Ai Shiang said...

What an interesting job! I thought you were a mathematicians of some sort, no? I didn't know that you involve yourself in inventions a lot :o)

Shingo T said...

Ai Shiang:
I used quite a bit of analogies, but the idea is there.

I'm not a Mathematician by job, but the logical thinking I have gained from my Maths training helped me alot.

ladyviral said...

I am a little lost here... inventor?

based on the writins, looks like there are a lot of people out hee who takes people's creation to their own credit huh?

Roxy. said...

So many clues. hmmm.

The first i thought was a teacher.

Second, a patent agent.

Hmmm, how mysterious.

wenn said...

u are all rounder, i suppose.

MKL said...

Mathematician? No.

Gambler? No.

God? Yes! Shingo, you're God and now we know who gives things names: It's you :)

iamthewitch said...

What an enlightening post! Interesting... :) Are you going to reveal to us what you do really? :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Uh...i am dizzy.

mrdes said...

How come I have this feeling that you are into education or training after reading this post?? you will reveal your real-life occupation?

Wenny Yap said...

'Tis my second time reading this post and I'm still scratching my head. No get nowhere leh!

HappySurfer said...

Shingo, whatever you're doing, it sounds like fun. No?

Psst.. have you ventured into the local casino?

Shingo T said...

I am no inventor and no engineer. Guessed I must have exaggerated what I have done, but I always see my job as a creative role. It's a role where I can choose to be passive, but I have too many ideas to remain stagnant.

Maybe someday I will just stop beating around the bush and tell you guys what I do. For now, just treat me as a salaried worker who believes that he is worth every dollar he is paid for.

Nope, I haven't been into the local casino. Will do so someday, since I don't have to pay the S$100entrance fees.

numbernine said...

You sure you not an engineer?

Anyway you should aspire to be a fertiliser. That way you can shit on everybody.

spy@fic said...

oh dear. u are going to give us CHEMICAL CRAP?!

that's pretty toxic, Shingo san.

HappySurfer said...

So it's S$100 for entrance? I hear there is also a time limit and if it's exceeded, there is even a fine. How true is that? Care to enlighten? Thanks.

Shingo T said...

it's S$100 for Singaporeans and permanent residents. For you, it's free entrance!

The time limit is 24 hours, but I'm not sure if it applies to foreigners.

That's Singapore, over-regulated country, though it's not neccessarily a good or a bad.

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