Thursday, February 25

Slackers, all of you!

Every year, for those working 5-day week,
(1) there are 11 days of national holidays in Singapore.
(2) 52 weeks x 2 = 104 days of Saturday and Sunday.
(3) approximately 14 days of annual leaves.

Add them all up, and most of us are actually not working for 129 days a year.

And that equates to you not working on 129/365 = 35% of the days. It could be even more if you add in MCs, or if your company gives you more annual leaves.

So cheer up, for every 3 days, you get to rest for slightly more than 1 day.

Feel better?

Note: This entry is dedicated to Lily Riani, who is envying her friend for one-day work week. ^_^


Mei Teng said...

I work 5.5 days per week. Feels like I work 6 days in a week.

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
After I worked in jobs 5-day week, I know I will never change to another company that requires me to work on Saturday.

Now I enjoy my Friday nights.

Manju said...

lol it's worse(or better hehe) over here, we get 14 public hols, plus many 'unofficial' ones haha

[SK] said...

haha, we have 17 days of public holidays in KL~~ and my annual leave is way more than 14 days~~ :p

MKL said...

Life is tough for Lily Riani :P

ladyviral said...

In my current company I am working 5days week... but my new one requires me to work 5.5days alternate saturdays. It's the money I tell you.. it is the money hahaha!

with 11days of holiday in singapore is called slackers... waaaa Malaysia got more leh.. oops.

HappySurfer said...

Hmmm... a one-day workweek. Everything is relative.

Gosh, you're on a rampage! But I like. Glad you could sneak away to the blogosphere for some fun. Keep them.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Interesting! hehehehe. I'll have a friend of mine read this post. He always complains a lot about his work hours. I'm working 5 and a half days.

Roxy. said...

Ahhh, me studying. :(
holiday or no holiday, i stil have to study. :(

wenn said...

i work 6 days a week!

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,


i cant stop laughing, even my sis next to me is laughing off her chair.

yeah! we can never get enough can we..... HAHAHHAHHA..... am definite gonna make Bahija read your blog.

Wenny Yap said...

The human species are insatiable. We always want more ... so now, I don't work lor!

But don't work, how to get all the other luxuries we want leh? Nice clothes, travelling, food ...

Bananazą“• said...

Alright our analyst is working on the work days for slackers. Great info. To add on what about the actual 'work' in a day itself?
Have to knock off 472hrs for lunch & 2 tea breaks.
Not forgetting time stolen for blogging, chatting, gossiping, YouTubing, toilet break, cigarette break, powdering time etc. Have seen an email before where you add up all down time you merely work less than a month in a year.

Stefanie said...

Aha! For student as well!!! :D

Donna said...

For 2010,
1) My company has only 10 public holidays, 4 fall on Saturday = burned.
2) Annual leave for new employees = 10 days
3) Saturdays are “compulsory OT” = no holiday
4) MCs are going to deduct your bonus and allowance, around RM 50+ per day = no MC

Total public holiday = 68 days. =.=”
Also equivalent to 18%

if u ask me feel better?
the answer is no... =____="

Donna said...

wrong calculation.
MC = RM 30 per day. not RM 50..
my company not that bad and kiam siap actually, RM 30 only...

Nat said...

This is not a glass half-empty point of view but still, the way I look at it is that 240 days of your yea is wasted sitting cooped up in an office cubible. Work I necessary evil. Would like to avoid it as much as possible.

The Envoy said...

Some people still have to go in to work from time to time even when its a weekend, public holiday or on their annual leave.

Shingo T said...

Seems like most of you have more annual leaves. Lucky you!

Agreed that work is neccessary because we have so many wants in life. I guess when people are enjoying themselves with all the shopping, we get green-eyed a little.

haha, I read that post somewhere.

Your employment benefits sure doesn't look as envying, I gotta admit. Just make FULL use of life after work bah. And keep your eyes open for a better job.

The Envoy:
I always wonder if you work as an ambassador or something.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I love my job too much.. my boss has to ask me to take leave :P

And yes this year i have 42 days leave.. the thought juz make me feel good :)

Anyway like what u do and do what u like.. 8 hrs a day doing smething juz for the sake of bring home a salary is a miserable thing.

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