Tuesday, March 9


Have you ever done a handstand? ^_^

I used to do them when I was younger. It was one of those acrobatic things I had tried on my own during my younger days just to shake off that nerdiness image that I always had.

And then something happened. During one of my random practise at the void deck of my flat, I lost balance and hit the concrete floor hard with the head. Not sure if there was a concussion, but I sat there stunned for a long while. A while later, I felt huge sharp pain at my head. I didn't cry, but I did have a little naggy feeling that I hurt my brains somehow.

I stopped doing handstands after the incident. And took up hiphop instead of being a breakdancer. I guess it's safer.

Growing up, I was very bad at remembering stuffs. I wasn't sure if it was due to the handstand accident, but I conveniently attributed that as the reason, an explanation to justify my lack of memory. I never told anyone about it, it's a little secret that my parents do not even know. Can't recall if I told Wifey though.

Having a lousier memory and shorter attention span than my peers, I grew up having to work harder than the rest.

During studying, I couldn't memorise alot of things, so had to put extra attention to understanding them, be it Maths formulas or science theories. This meant that I had to spend more time than the rest, but I was a boring guy, so it didn't matter.

At work, I'm often seen with pen and paper during meetings, because taking down follow ups is a must. It also makes me a bad multi-tasker, I tend to only remember the latest task that I was asked to work on, if I never write them down.

When socialising with friends, or talking with Wifey, I always make it a point to be specially attentive during conversations. It's basic courtesy. But there are many cases when I just forgot what I asked minutes ago, and re-ask the question. Sometimes I think this give others the impression that I didn't listen to their answers. It's really not the case. =(

Sometimes I'm not sure whether it's a bad memory, or I have selective memory. Maybe it's just psychological? I don't know. After all, I remember alot about my childhood and my past. But when it comes to smaller things, I tend to have short-term memory loss.

I consider my memory limitation as a handicap. I have the brains, just with limited ability to remember stuffs. But I am determined to minimise the disruption to my life caused by this inconvenience.

And though I have stopped doing handstands for so many many years, deep down inside, I want to do them again someday.

Just not on a concrete floor.


HappySurfer said...

Gosh! That sounds terrible. It must have hurt real bad then. May want to be extra careful should you try headstands again.

Lily Riani said...

please get yourself check ASAP... abit worrying...

Netster said...

WOw! what an experience!

I fall down from tree and I almost fall down from a rooftop at the age of 8 or 9.

I am afraid of height ever since.

I am very bad in remembering things... too (but I got to tell you there's nothing wrong with our memories)

My sis and I was playing chasing when we were young. She fall down and hit her head and she is very very bad at study ever since.

I feel bad for her because I think I may have caused her the future.

I learn one thing in life, whether or not we are injured we better get doctor check up, full body check up. Especially children, their body are more fragile... just to make ourself feeling confidence that theres really nothing else to worry.

Okay, I said there's nothing wrong with us for being unable to remember certain thing right? there's really nothing wrong with our brain or having bad memory!

Okay, try to do this... Please try to forget something you hate or love? Try to forget your wifey's name? Try to forget your fav food? try to forget your car?

I guess you can't do that :) thats a proved nothing wrong with our memories.

To me our brain work exactly like our attitude/behavior... if we are tired of doing something we would give bunch of excuses not to do it, but when come to things that we like... you would trade for anything just to find time to do it. How ironic! hahahhaha

Cheers just my 2cents

iamthewitch said...

Oh dear! What an awful experience! But I'm sure it didn't do anything to your memory ya.. perhaps it's all psychological? You can still remember certain things and your past well. :)

Wenny Yap said...

I guess you must be saving those memory cells for better things to remember.

No worry, ain't it the same for everyone? Just take it that we're normal and it's just that those with fantastic memory are WEIRDOs!

Manju said...

i used to do lots of handstands, coz i'm a sucker and someone once told me doing lots of handstands will make you grow taller >_<
it didn't. :(

RicAdeMus said...

I had several hard blows to the head, but never like that. Maybe you should have some sort of brain scan now, even though it's been so long.

You are doing great despite that disability!!!

the girl in stiletto said...

i call it being absent-minded.

despite the fact that i'm a doctor, i'm very absent-minded, so i jot down every single important stuff.

speaking of which, perhaps i should get a proper PDA. my Sony is currently not really serving me the purpose... hmm.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

maybe once and with someone holding on to my legs! So, that's not properly executed:( Your fall must have caused you some agony. I have to say, anyone has to exercise caution doing handstands.

khengsiong said...

Never do handstand since I was a kid, but wondering if I am too old to learn yoga...

TeeHedgeBee said...

Shingo does hip hop and hand stands??? Way cool man!

Mei Teng said...

Don't think I can do a handstand. Cannot balance..haha.

MKL said...

Uncle, do you remember me? It's me, MKL. You sometimes comment on my blog. Hello *waves to uncle :P

Anyway, it's bad, what happened to you, but you seriously surprised most of us, because you seem fine and very sharp-minded. I guess you found a way not to be affected by this disability.

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