Wednesday, March 3

Where do I stock up on brain juice?

The problem with working as a support role is that everyone becomes my boss. After all, they are the reason why I'm needed. To support them.

Sales and operations are the face to any business. Being a support unit generally means I'm hidden from public view. My role could have been more peace and quiet if I had chose to be passive and do the bare minimum, but it's just not my style.

I make it a point to justify my salary, and my high initiative and enthusiasm brings me alot of popularity among my peers. And that also means that I'm the guy that everyone think of when it comes to getting an extra pair of hands to work on a new invention.

My role is pretty unique because of my unqiue skillset. Because of this, I create a monopoly. On one hand, it means that I'm one of the last people on the company's future retrenchment plans (if any). But it also means if I'm on leave, alot of their requests on their wishlist will be put on hold. After coming back from any vacation, there's always alot of backlog welcoming me back.

And everyone claims that their request is urgent. Well the last time I was "urgent", I just held my own till I had a chance to go pee. =p

Let me clarify that I'm not indispensible, because NO ONE in any organisation is indispensible. But somehow, my easygoing personality attracts people to tap on my brain and time, and there is an over-reliance on my skillset. And that is like feeding them slow poison.

While there is a huge sense of satisfaction when I create something that makes their life easier, I have come to a point when my enthusiasm is waning. And having used up so much brain power at work, I feel like doing brainless stuffs when I get home.

And when my enthusiasm meter runs dangeously low, one of the things normally happens.

(1) Go for a holiday, and hope I get re-energise.
(2) Start life afresh at another company.

I'm not one who just keeps mum and suffer, but it doesn't mean I just whine the whole day about it, because I'm the "2nd kind of person" (I fail, but I change till I succeed).

I'm not a job hopper, having stayed more than 6 years in my first company. But I will do anything it takes to make sure that I do not dread going to work the morning before work.

Because most of us work till we reach the retirement age, you should never lose the enthusiasm about the workplace, because it is where most of us spent most of our lives on.

When I was working at my first company, someone gave me a very good advice.

If work was so easy, then we need you for what?

If the Energizer bunny is arrested, who else can I turn to for help? =p

Want to buy some brain juice, and a hug.


MKL said...

You really seem to be an easy going person and your job sounds very interesting. Please more about it. :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sounds like you're in demand!! If mountains of work await you after a vacation, where can you retreat??? Best to still look for enthusiasm in the work place rather than job hop, if you can 'tahan'!

Lily Riani said...


i have similar problem as yours just that am in marketing line, creativity & "cunningvity" is required. hehehheee.... tactfulness & bluntness will be important side skill. but somehow i failed to master the art of job taichi that is much shouted for.... despite the fact that i actually when and learnt from a chinese sifu (physical taichi i mean). sigh..... i guess taichi job comes hand in hand with ampu-sime & bodek-isme of which i much MUCH lack. you think this will effect my increament?!? would i still be loved if i join the boat?

iamthewitch said...

I'm here to give you a BIG HUG ok! :) Keep up your good job and don't lose the zest of live! :)

Cherish Tulips said...

You seem to be a great asset to your cannot run well without you!

[SK] said...

hmmm, meaning you are kind of a "King" in your organisation?? cool.. but sometimes getting too popular with your ability isn't too good too, and i guess you can also feel that right?? anyway, i don't believe that one can stay in the same place forever (unless exception), we still need to hop to a new environment for a better change..

Superman said...

Can buy hug where? :P I also need the brain juice. Got stuck a little in work.

spy@fic said...

it sounds like you are whining - no mater how upbeat you try to sound & i can flly empathise =P

here's the good news: B-O-N-U-S!!!!

i'll sure wifey is reading - get those comfy shoes ready for serious shopping this month!

Anonymous said...

My job position is quite hidden from public view. And I am happy about it. I am not someone who likes being the face of an organisation. I also dislike business talk-cum dinners/luncheons etc.

Manju said...

surely you know better than to tell me that you're made of cotton candy floss uncle shingo. i might end up eating you haha

i think it's really important that you love your job and give it your best. so many ppl work just for the sake of it, and to earn a living, it's kind of sad

Manju said...

p.s i want a hug xD

p.p.s offering brain juice is gonna attract zombies to your blog

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Sending you hugs and sunshine and lots of positive vibes! I do agree, one must have passion for their job. Making money is one thing, but doing something you have a passion for, or doing something you are enjoying plus getting paid is another thing. One should never lose love for their work. =)

reanaclaire said...

hi..greetings from my caring blog. From the way you write, u sound like an interesting person, full of wits too. As for myself, i complained a lot about my work to my colleagues but at the end of the day, i m still thankful that i have this job to go each day... money doesnt come easy nowadays..

Bananazą“• said...

Good to know you have created a monopoly so you are in total control but the only hiccup you cannot afford to be sick or go on long holidays as the backlog would pile up waiting for you when you come back and then no time to even take a leak and that is bad for your bladder.

So you are highly tapped by your company on utilizing the OPB (other people's brain) concept. Hope you are not over drained and your recharging is fast enough with no 'battery'.

Lots of hugs and can please send a can of brain juice as sample? Have a great weekend.

Roxy. said...

Interesting job. Still wondering about it. haha.
Btw, here are many many hugs till your next posts. ;p

RicAdeMus said...

Well, it sounds like the company could hire someone to do your job if you left, but that new person could not replace you. You bring something special to the job!

HappySurfer said...

Sounds like a great colleague you are and a brain-drain of a job you have there. However, if it still gives you the zest to wake up in the morning and go to work not with a heavy heart, why not, eh? Take care though. *Hugs*

Shingo T said...

Appreciate the hugs. Spare the kisses. I'm married!

I may have over-exaggerated my role a little. Everyone is an asset to the company, but some roles are more unique, making it a hassle to replace. All in all, I'm just another salaried worker out to make a living, but finding meaning in my work.

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