Tuesday, March 2

Random Notes 44

(1) This year's Valentine's Day fall on Chinese New Year. And I forgot to buy Wifey a gift. So I gave her a belated present yesterday. Cup Stackers!

And please don't have any ideas that I'm buying her that because I want to play it myself. It's err... so not true. =p

(2) Earth Hour happens this year from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Saturday, March 27. Which means we are supposed to turn off all the lights and stuffs. During that day, I am supposed to help to do sales in one of the Exhibition Halls. Are we supposed to do this in the dark? Haha.

(3) If you are devoid of electricity for one hour, it means no lights, no TV, no internet, no radio, is there still meaning to life? Yes, we can take the chance to catch up on face-to-face communication!

(4) I always see alot of retirees at the casino. I hope they aren't trying to carve a living. And I wonder if I will end up being one of those old people frequenting the casino to idle time away?

(5) My favourite care bear is the Good Luck Bear. There's something about four leaves clover that captures my attention.

(6) My next planned long-distance trip will be to sin city - Las Vegas. Never been to the United States for purpose outside of work. Friends have been recommending me the place, and it's now one of those places that I want must go before I get kidnapped by aliens.

(7) I wanna go to the korean break-dancing comedy, Breakout!

Have watched it a year ago, and it's a really funny and enjoyable show. But now the cheap tickets are sold out. Sniff.

(8) I miss Toothfy. Hope she comes back to blog soon.

(9) Lady Gaga is my latest music craze. Been playing the same "The Fame" CD at work over and over again at work. Have you guys seen this modified video on Youtube of Lady Gaga's Poker Face song, sung in Mandarin by a Malaysian using auspicious Chinese New Year theme as the lyrics?. It's kind of weird, but I thought it's funny.

(10) Because I'm a change agent, sometimes I wonder if I should enter politics at some point in my life to contribute my 2 cents worth. But then again, why be a politician when I can aim for bigger things, like world domination? Muahahaha.


khengsiong said...

Earth Hour is really for commercial establishments. Switching off lights at home isn't really practical. As it is Saturday, many people will be in shopping malls any way.

Old Beng said...

For that "no electricity" hour, maybe all couples should just make love...... i.e. if you can tahan for 1 hour :)))

Lily Riani said...

go go go go go... sincity! must go!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

When are you planning on going to Vegas? I'm going back to Cali sometime June of this year.

Anyway, I didn't know Earth Hour is on the 27th of this month. Thanks for the head's up. I'll be taking part in that. =)

wenn said...

during earth hour, i will just sit back and relax!

the girl in stiletto said...

i'll be in the plane from back home to come back here on the 27th. i'm sure we can deal without electricity *cough*, can we Mr Pilot??? (shouting to any pilot)

i feel dumb asking that question ahaha!

MKL said...

Hey, Shingo, during Earth hour, you could do a live blogging performance. Write Random notes #45 on a piece of paper and read them near the statue of Raffles. I might come and listen. Deal? ;)

Shingo T said...

No exact dates yet on when we will go. Maybe the end of this year or next year.

Girl in Stiletto:
Err... have a safe flight? Haha, your comment make me chuckle.

If I don't blog after Earth hour, maybe I have been captured into an asylum, and I have you to thank. =p

HappySurfer said...

#3 - More babies will be born nine months later.

$4 - Retired folks are out there enjoying their hard-earned money. I wonder if the Sgp casino has that many seniors too like Genting's.

Are you still hip-hopping or have you given up this passion?

Shingo T said...

Still doing impromptu hiphop at home, but not going for any lessons at the moment.

Hiphop keeps me sane.

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