Monday, June 21

Shops in shops

For all budding entrepenuers, here's a small trend I have noticed, shops in shops.

Read this article about Singapore manicure owners renting a small space within saloons to set up their manicure service. It's an interesting idea because with a cheap monthly rental of $200-$500, it is
(1) cheaper than renting a whole shop which sets you back by a few thousand dollars rental.
(2) gives more exposure than online businesses.

People walking into the saloon to "beautify" their hair may be enticed to take the chance to beautify their nails too. This synergy works the other way too, making it a win-win situation for both parties, from both cost and sales perspective.

A few months back, I went to the cafe of one of my friend, which also boast a little "provision shop", selling unique stuffs like biodegradable menstrual pads, toothpaste made from herbs etc... While customers wait for their food to be cooked, they have nothing else to do and tend to see what the shops have to offer. And on top of that, the shop also has a seminar room for rental, which also doubles up as a tuition centre. You heard me, a tuition centre within a café. It’s 3 distinctive businesses, café + provision shop + tuition centre. But the synergy is there, parents waiting for their kids to finish tuition can sip tea or do some shopping at the same premises.

Just like how saloons are helping external shampoo companies to display the products on their shelves, I believe there are many other ways which we can leverage on each other’s business, to defray cost and energise our business.

The world is your playground.
Have fun.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow. That is interesting. I haven't seen that sort of trend here. But what a way to maximize the space. Nice business idea.

Wenny Yap said...

Yeah, this the trend here in Malaysia too. In fact, I've set up my photography services in my fren's print shop. Our services compliments each other too.

khengsiong said...

I also know of a cafe inside an attire shop, but they are owned by the same person.

Anonymous said...

There's a saying that beauty business is easy business as women likes to spend $$ money on skincare, haircare, shoes, bags etc.

There are cafes operating in bookstores.

MKL said...

I'm considering to give you the chance to put a blog in my blog, you're a great writer, while I post hot ladies, it's a synergy bound to succeed. Deal? :P

[SK] said...

yeah, that's true, i think this is a brilliant idea for a win-win situation.. i notice most of the salons has a section rented out for facial treatment or manicure treatment or massage..

rama said...

In India such a thing was always there. It makes sense to share and benefit.
Thanks for visiting my space.

HappySurfer said...

Just like some massage parlours offer some other service, eh? Oops! Did I say that? haha..

Netster said...

Thanks for sharing Shingo!

Good tips for business! Good business synergy. I was thinking to rent an office just next to the same bank we market their product.

I have seen the office last week and it was really nice office. I am still wanting to look for an investor to cover some of the cost.


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