Tuesday, June 22

A gamer's future

I am very close to a friend, someone in his 50s, who is constantly worried about his children, even though they have all finished schooling and stepping into the workforce.

One of his son was an avid gamer since young, and my friend used to disapprove how much time the son was wasted on gaming. It didn't helped that this kid subsequently picked up a course in gaming progamming in polytechnic, and also dabble with learning magic tricks, and street basking in his free time.

From my friend's point of view, this kid was not picking up USEFUL life skills.

Well, I just received a call from my friend, who told me that this son was just headhunted by an iPhone game applications company, who offered him a pretty good starting pay (S$2500), and he's not even a university graduate.


Once again, 80% of worries in life is unfounded. Just because someone appeared to have a so-so past doesn't mean he won't have a bright future!


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Great news! the young man's pursuit has turned into a huge reality. As parents,we have to learn to let go though our wisdom dictates otherwise.

rama said...

There is scope and money in every field.
Gone are the days when there were specific professions, which were said to be the most noble, ideal and also had enough scope for earning money.
Good example : that young man removed the veil from the standard beliefs that people have conditioned themselves to.

Wenny Yap said...

As a parent, we can't help but worry but sometimes, it's very true that we're the stumbling block to our children's success. Thanks for this great post ... it just reminded me to give Nick his space.

I try my best to keep an open-mind, be watchful but allow him freedom and always pick suitable timing to have a relax chat about his endeavours. There are time to be strict but there must also be time for encouragement and being supportive.

khengsiong said...

Is he hired as a player or designer?

Today, fun is big business. Traditional Confucian wisdom no longer applies.

HappySurfer said...

Good for your friend! This episode brings to mind the story of a friend's son. He dropped out of a foreign uni after being hired to test new game applications and is doing extremely well. This goes to show that one doesn't need a degree to do well in life though that piece of paper is something good to fall back on. My two cents.

Shingo T said...

As a designer. I will love to be a full-time player who gets paid. =p

MKL said...

Very well written, bro. And everything you write is true ^_^ It's not fair, I can't ever agrue any of your points, we always agree, hehe.

Ai Shiang said...

I think this problem is founded in Asians mentality. Parents want their children to have a career. To me, to have a career is to "marry" to a job.

I am very open minded if people tell me that they play poker for a living. But some parents will surely reject to that.

the girl in stiletto said...

typical asian minded i guess. if you're not a doctor/lawyer/engineer, you're nothing.

which is pretty much the bullshit-est thing i've ever known.

they don't know that the most successful people in the world are those not in said professions.


The Bimbo said...

no wonder my friends are all handing their Iphones to their 2yr olds. All with motive. :P

Nat said...

@thegirlinstiletto, what are you?

Anonymous said...

The benefits of gaming are often under-rated.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Still...better than gambling.

Manju said...

and he's getting a job to do something he loves too, that's the most important thing

foongpc said...

Yes I agree. You don't necessarily have to be highly educated to get somewhere in life, but of course education gives that extra edge : )

Netster said...

Very true!

I think I was one of the example... I was very bad looking, shabby dress up, bad hair cut and almost all the girl runs away on the first meet!

Actually I still am today!

Kidding Bro! hahahaha

This is one inspiring story! I have come across people like that in my life. Good luck to all of them and god bless.


Shingo T said...

You definitely ain't bad looking. The word that comes to my mind to describe you is "decent".

And I know some of my female friends who will love to know decent guys. =p

Anonymous said...

Some parents think playing hairdresser, masak-masak in the kitchen, sewing clothes don't make viable careers. But who knows? Look how some people are excelling in those professions.

But I am abit wary about gaming though. I tend to associate this with gambling.

Lily Riani said...

worry for nothing is human hobby. sigh.... i do it sooo often despite effort trying to stop

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