Saturday, July 10

Tagged by Foongpc and Nino

Some time back, Foongpc and Nino have tagged me with some new awards.

So let me do the tags first before it slipped off my mind.

Foongpc (aka the man with the hairy legs) has tagged me with The Versatile Blogger Award.

List 7 things about myself
- I once joked to my colleague that he was being henpecked, because he did the housework for his wife. He told me it's called loving the wife. And now I find myself doing the same thing that he did, for the same reason. I ain't henpecked.
- I believe alot in being punctual. It kind of deteriorated ever since Wifey came into the picture. As with all gals, they wanna look their best before they go out. And I'm still trying to earn back that punctuality credibility.
- I love the rain. Even when I'm outside, but only if I am equipped with an umbrella.
- I feel weird without wearing a watch. It just feel so so not right.
- I'm paranoid about the supposedly radiation that handphone can cause to our health. I try not to put handphone in the pocket unless neccessary, and I don't like it when people point their handphone at me.
- I avoid body contact between me and any other guys on the crowded train and bus. And that includes shoulder to shoulder.
- I like to give praise when it's due. And I appreciate honest feedback.

As for Nino's tag, that is an interesting award called the Super Comments Award.

And accepting the award means answering the question - What are your thoughts on blog commenting? Any funny observations?

I have always enjoyed commenting on people's blog, partly to give my related opinions about the post, and partly to let the blog owner know that "someone is reading your blog, and he wants you to know that you are not writing a diary that no one sees".

Just like how I enjoy reading comments on my blog, I also hope that people enjoy reading my comments, so I refrain from using patronising comments. If it's a post I disagree with, I will not feel shy to post my comments, though I will put it politely as my opinion. After all, who am I to say that I'm always right?

Funny observations about comments? Nope, not really. But my least preferred comments are those advertisement spams. =p

I won't be arrowing the 2 awards to anyone, not because that no one deserves it, but chain tags has to end somewhere, and it ends with me.


HappySurfer said...

Poor wifey gets the 'credit' for your diminished punctuality credibility? tsk tsk!

Yeah, best to not put the cellphone in the shirt pocket. Some people will only talk on the phone via the earphone, meaning they will not have the phone zapping their brain cells. A thought just came to mind. I suppose it's the lesser of two evils to let the phone do the zapping in the region around the pants pocket (instead of cooking the brains). Oops!

What you said...and partly to let the blog owner know that "someone is reading your blog, and he wants you to know that you are not writing a diary that no one sees". is so sweet. Aww...

wenn said...

but sometimes body contact couldn't be avoided when it's too crowded.

MKL said...

Oh, you killed the tag? You ended it? You're be called by the Blogger investigation team, maybe your blog will be banned from the Interwebs. How dare you, uncle Shingo? Ah..

And on the sidebar you also messed up a little, I gave you the Panda award, not Fong PC ^_^ Uncle getting old one? :P

I tell you, you're one of the best commentators I know, your comments are always so interesting and funny.

Anonymous said...

I also believe in being punctual. For work and all other things in life.

the girl in stiletto said...

good job, uncle! xD

RicAdeMus said...

We are all henpacked! LOL, I just mean we all get pecked, not that it makes us do anything.

I agree with you on comments. It feels like I'm talking to myself when a post gets no comments.

T(H)(B) said...

A pity we're not good enough for actual blog awards.

Old Beng said...

lim peh read but seldom leave comment... me bad

Ai Shiang said...

I hate using mobile phone too. It cooks your brain, literally. Doesn't it? It's like a "mobile" microwave.

My husband says, all young medical students should become brain surgeons as in 20 years, it will be a very popular business for surgeons. Thanks to mobile phones!

HappySurfer said...

LOL at Ai Shiang's husband's remark. They're probably wise not to choose this field. I remember an expat in my company discouraged his daughter from being a neuro-surgeon for fear that she'd not have a life of her own being on call 24/7/365 - due to tending to trauma victims from auto accidents. She later became an oncologist.

Anonymous said...

I went to the dentist a infrequent weeks ago to get my braces on. I' m still having difficulty in eating because of the wires. I also observed that I' m having a lot of cuts clandestine my mouth because of the wires and I reflect on it completely undesirable.

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