Sunday, June 27

The Puppet Master

I think I make a good baddie in real-life.

Baddies are the master of deceptions. They are smart people, looks good on the outside but are actually rotten to the core.

With my Mr Nice Guy image, I'm the guy that people suspect the least. If I was locked in a home with a few other contestants, and kill someone with a candlestick the bedroom, no one will ever suspect me.

When I purr my innocence, your conscience will haunt you just for suspecting me. And when you have that back turned, I'll be there to stab you with a pair of chopsticks. Ouch!

Face it. I'm just too nice. And that provides a great front for me in my conquest to take over the world.

Ok, or at least hold the world ransom... for one million dollars.
*puts little pinkie by the mouth, aka Dr Evil*

I believe that all babies are born pure and innocent. Jealousy and greed slowly manifest us. For those who are able to resist and put a cap on it, they manage to remain good guys. But for how long?

Just because you WERE good, doesn't mean you WILL be good.

It is said that the evil cannot beat the righteousness. That's a whole load of bullsh*t, actually. Read about the rogue trader who caused the downfall of banks? After he was convicted, he wrote a book and made money for himself. On a similar example, ex-hackers are often employed by computer security companies to combat other unknown hackers.

You don't fight evil with good. You fight evil with evil.

Being evil is something that most single guys out there should consider. After all, those yummy yum yum babes don't like nerds and geeks, they like "guys who are bad". Man who are bad-ass, and punches anyone that dare look at their gal.

Now why does wrong feel so so right?

If I get the chance to be a super villain, I wanna be known as The Puppet Master. When I pull the strings, you my puppets, will have your movements controlled by me.

And I, as the Puppet Master, the most diabolical manipulator on planet Earth will use this world as my playground.

When I pull the strings, all my minions will dance.

Never forget the name of Shingo T - The Puppet Master!
*inserts evil laugh*

As with many organisations, I am on the constant lookout of like-minded competent individuals who seek to make a difference to the world. People with leadership (aka manipulative) skills who are able to perform under tight deadlines. Fear not if you have no powers, because I can instil ANY (evil) power to you, once I become The Puppet Master someday.

Additional prerequisites are as follows.
(1) Minimum 'O' levels
(2) Not afraid to sit down on the train, while some pregnant woman stands in front of you.
(3) Must look presentable in black attire. Gals must look great in mini skirts.
(4) Dogs must bark at you when they see you, and babies must cry.
(5) Be open to mindset changes.

Just leave in the comment box the power you desire, a cool name for yourself, and your earliest date of availability. When I become The Puppet Master someday, I might just let you go under my wing with your bestowed powers.

Application closes on 7 July.
Potential applicants will be notified by this blog.


iamthewitch said...

I want to be a... witch? LOL! I want to cast spells on people! And I hope I look good with mini skirt! Haha

foongpc said...

Haha! You the Puppet Master? Forget it! For you are now my puppet!! I am your Master so kneel before The Master!! Muahaha!!

Bananazஇ said...

人之初,性本善 [rén zhī chū, xìng běn shàn] the child is pure and its the world that corrupts or purify its mind..

Who shall I believe now foongpc the master or Shingo T? Confused? Where do I stand here, becoz Bananaz surpassed all the prerequisites. Heaven would not accept me and Hell is afraid I'll take over. So how? Qualified to be Grand Master of the Puppet Master? haha-ha-haaaaa..*more evil than your evil laughter*

mrdes said... know, the one who proclaimed himself as evil, or who like others to see him as such, is usually a soft, sentimental person me:)

Btw, do you know you can also control others by being the good person with a heart? In fact, that is most powerful!

HappySurfer said...


RicAdeMus said...

Agree, the truly innocent would not stand a chance against evil. They can avoid giving into evil--an die with a clean spirit. I read once that to defeat evil a person needed to have "a little dirt" on his soul, so he could understand it and fight it.

Well sonce you're the puppet master, maybe I'll be the toy master--might as well have some fun if I'm going to be evil! =)

You inspired a post--I hope I remember to write it down before I forget.

foongpc said...

Bananaz, you are a banana. Bananas cannot be Puppet Master or even Grand Master or Puppet Master. Only Panda can be Grand Master. LOL!!

Btw, Shingo, I'm giving you an award. Come HERE to collect it! : )

Ai Shiang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ai Shiang said...

Haha! Want to go head-to-head with me to take over the world? $1 million ransom is too little. I would go for $1 Billion. USD will do, but USD will be worsening slightly from now and I'd prefer to have the ransom in EUR instead.

Lily Riani said...

i want to be a mother... becos whoever you are, master or no master, u must LISTEN to your mother. MUAHAHHAHHA..... thats the ultimate power.

Netster said...


what a fun post!

I don't fit your 5 requirements.

But i, a fast learner and best of all my time is yours!


Roxy. said...

HAHA. Woah. Not one to be tamed i am.
Hmmm, looking at your few blog posts, i do wonder are you making a jump soon, from looking at people with the X factor, all the way now to having your employees. Hmmm, is this a hint of your new corporation? :p

Wenny Yap said...

Hey Puppet Master, keep me lined up as "The Godmother" ... with the power to turn anything into $$$ (Midas' touch) and anyone into repentant souls (kinda like Ghostrider). Then the world would be a happier, peaceful place to live in.

Remember O Mighty Powerful One to be, I'm available anytime. ;)

HappySurfer said...

Psst.. Is the puppet master busy puppeteering? Good morning or rather good afternoon! TGIT? hahaha... Oooh, which reminds me, I need to go wish someone a happy birthday. You, have a nice day ahead, Shingo.

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