Tuesday, September 21

Too cute to handle

Do you guys find small injuries in yourself, without knowing how they were inflicted?

My Wifey often found herself with small injuries or bruises that she incurred unknowingly, and will always ask whether I beat her while she was sleeping soundly, to which I will narrow my eyes and give her a "Yeah, sure I did" look.

Well, I had felt a small open injury near my right ankle yesterday, and had no idea where it came from. I was going to get myself a plaster, only to open the First Aid Kit and found plenty of plasters to choose from. Alas, there are no way I can use any of those.

You see, Wifey like cute things , and handsome guys, ahem. While the world buys souvenirs when they travel overseas, she buys those cute cute plasters from Pharmacy all over the world.

Think Mickey Mouse plasters, Hello Kitty and the likes of Winnie and the Pooh.

Well, any such accessories that will weaken my macho-ness must not be seen in public. And despite having enough plasters to cover a thousand injuries, I carefully and smartly decided against using any of the plasters.

And thus I'm as MAN as ever.


Twilight said...

You have given me a brilliant idea to buy plasters from overseas!

I believe stuffs like ghosts giving us blue blacks during sleep but not cuts. Could be your doing without realising. LOL just kidding!

HappySurfer said...

I too will stay away from these plasters. I find them frivolous and attention-grabbing. No doubt they're cute on their own. Would even look great in a sticker book or album, I should think. Those see-thru ones are also off my list. The sight of blood can be a turnoff. I only use the conventional beige ones. *Sigh* - stickler of convention where this is concerned.

As for cuts and bruises, most times if I try hard enough, I'd be able to recall where I got them.

Paper cuts are rather common in the office but as for ankle cuts, I can only think of in the bedroom. Bruises too for that matter. haha...

Have a great week ahead, ankle cut, bruises and all.

khengsiong said...

These are for kids?

iamthewitch said...

I have those plasters too!! But I didn't purposely collect them, they just happened to be in the store when I was looking for plasters. And yes, you are VERY MAN!

Lily Riani said...

the first thought - AHHAHAHHAHAHHAH.....

then - ........ *not sure how/what to reply*


Shingo T said...

When there's something strange with the bruises and stuff? Who do you call? Ghostbusters!

I have seen many adult females use them. Never seen them on man though.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Beauty is in the *plaster* of the *ankle*..They are quite cute probably will keep them than use them haha.

Mei Teng said...

Haha...so cute plasties!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I can't even find 'normal' plasters in our cabinet! Looks like there's no need!!

Ai Shiang said...

I don't normally buy cute plasters. They're cute but if they're in my drawers I won't be hesitated to use them. Having said that, I don't get cuts that often.

MKL said...

Sorry bro, I'm on your wifey's side here. You should use her cute plasters and she would reward you with some big hugs and cute kisses. Ah, bro, your handsomness will save you many times, but how long? Your wifey will want more, be careful, k :P

Roxy. said...

Haha, I love those plasters. Its a girl to have cute characters adoring the wounds. and im with nino.
What he say is totally true. Putting that plaster will cause your wife to be more tender and loving. (;

ladyviral said...

I used to collect those bunch of cute cute plasters too.. until they get all dirty and unusable.. i was so upset when i had to throw them away :(.

But yes, plasters does annoy me (when used of course) especially those that just won't stick -.-

foongpc said...

Bruises? Cuts? It's you doing it to yourself while you are in the split personality state. Haha!

foongpc said...

No cute plasters for me please! Unless they came with pictures of pandas. LOL!!!

Shingo T said...

Haha, someone get me normal plasters. =p

I wonder how those cute plasters will look across Wifey's mouth when she starts nagging. =X

Oops, hope she's not reading this.

haha, thanks for the reminder. =p

I used to collect bus tickets, till the day I started wondering why I do that for, and threw bags of it away.

I vaguely have the impression that I might just have panda plasters, haha!

Stefanie said...

I used to collect those plasters but now recall it was kinda idiotic coz it's like cursing myself to get injured more. Haha

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