Monday, September 27

The Twin Engines to success

Despite being an egoistic guy, I always believe in the importance of being humble when learning from a teacher. No matter how much you know, you should always learn from zero. Unlearn everything you know, because you may be having beliefs, mindsets and strategies that have been "wrong all these years".

Recently, I have been doing alot of unlearning and re-learning, and even gotten myself a sifu (mentor).

And the key to his success? He calls it the Twin Engines.
(1) generate cash from your business
(2) invest what you get from (1).

This is actually "common sense", but the truth is,
Common sense is never too common.

Close your eyes, open your 3rd eye, and start "seeing" things now.


HappySurfer said...

Indeed! An open mind is the key to learning. It's true that we need to unlearn to relearn for a new perspective on things. Thanks for the reminder.

Ai Shiang said...

We should never stop learning. Man kind is supposed to learn till the last day.

I suppose being humble enable a person to accept changing circumstances :o)

Most old folks are very stubborn as they think they "eat more salt than you eat rice". You don't see old folks learning new tricks that often, do you?

Stefanie said...

I can't even blink my eyes properly, I'm having stye on the right eye! :(

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Being humble opens new horizons. If one tends to be preachy, all the more difficult it is to keep an open mind.

Twilight said...

Good theory! I love to learn from everyone all the time. Now I am learning from your blogs too.

Anonymous said...

The unlearning what one thinks he or she knows is the difficult part :)

Lily Riani said...

Common sense is never too common. - VERY TRUE.

Anonymous said...

Gems of wisdom on $$ ? Very 实际 in today's competitative and materalistic society!

Shingo T said...

Ai Shiang:
My mum's hitting retirement age soon, and she's picking up stand-up comedy. Really got to take my hats off to her. =p

MKL said...

I keep learning through your blog. Sometimes your simple thoughts make me think. I think your blog is great, but I do think that your wifey is pulling the strings, maybe she's dictating you behind your back and you're just the typewriter? :P Btw, when are we gonna see a guest post by her? I want her to explore the topic of cute plasters a bit further ^_^

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