Monday, October 25

You are what your genes are

I met up with a friend today who introduced me to a very interesting business opportunity.

The concept revolves around this.

Prevention is better than Cure, but Prediction is better than Prevention.

Well, so what happens is that your genes determine the kind of person you are, the kind of health vulnerability you have, and even the likely occupations you will be in based on your innate talents.

Imagine you send your kids to do this genetic profiling, and realise that she has no innate musical talent, then don't waste money sending her for piano lessons.

Or if you know that your liver is genetically weak, then cut down on the booze. Especially in Singapore, where people supposedly "can afford to die but cannot afford to fall sick".

Well, my friend claims that this award winning genetic profiling is 99% accurate, which I kind of have doubts on. Nonetheless, knowing the future sounds like an interesting business. But still, I chose to give the business a pass because I am not willing to spend the time on promoting this.

And in case you are wondering how much a profiling cost, vaguely under the impression it cost around S$2000 (US$1500) for one profiling.

Will you have done a genetic profiling to have a glimpse of your future?


de.lizzy.cious said...

you still can die of a car crash, or train wreck, or plane crash, or fell off the mountain, or....

well, you get where i'm getting at :)

we can never predict how we will die, so why should we predict how we're going to live?

i mean, if you know you have a certain disease, why live and worry? why not live and just, live? and be unexpected and smell the grass after the rain and watch the rainbow and go to slovenia and smack nino's ass?

:p ok, i dont know why i'm rambling this way. ahahhahahah

wenn said...

i won't go for it..

Ai Shiang said...

I heard of genetic profiling on TV on current affairs program. It's on breast cancer DNA profiling.

Sometime it's better to leave life as it is than to "let these people scare the day light out of your soul".

There are many these sorts of program mainly to make money out of people's curiousity or vulnerability.

Lily Riani said...

not me. nope.

HappySurfer said...

Reminds me about what I read sometime ago of the trend in Japan whereby people date or get married according to blood group compatibility.

Some companies do individual profiling (upper management) to streamline them to jobs more suited to their attributes though not sure whether they follow thru in the years that follow.

This genetic profiling is somewhat like fortune-telling only thing is, there's more science in this one. Anyway, it can take out the fun in living spontaneously. To each his own, I suppose. Some people like to know what's coming for them. Did they give you a free reading to entice you to sign up, btw?

Mei Teng said...

I wonder if this gene profiling is fool proof.

Twilight said...

You are wise and I support this. I went to the extend and heard my friend's medium in trance who warned me that I would land into hospital in that year. No harm, I increased my medical insurance to maximum for VIP room. Less than 2 months later, my intestines ruptured and I nearly died! I got the best medical attention and slept in 1st Class room with lake view at Subang Medical Centre!

[SK] said...

hmmm, that's interesting to know there's such genetic profiling service.. this is as good as fortune telling right?? since you can do some prevention to things that are read from your genes..

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I do not go for fortune telling nor stuff that predict my future. Life is not so predictable. So, just live it!

boh.tak.chek. said...

Acutally, we already have the "predictions" trade going around for centuries. It's called 算命,十二生肖 and 风水. Just that this so-called genetic profile is based on the person's DNA only, not birth date , star sign etc.

Just another fanciful term for 算命lah.

LilyChen said...

I don't do it, I think yearly medical check is enough, and why should I know if I have the talent to do something or not?

I would rather discover my abilities by myself, I only believe self efforts and then fates.

The Envoy said...

I'd go if you offered me a free reading XD

Wenny Yap said...

As much as I'm keen to know what the future holds, I'd give this a pass dude!

Money unreasonable spent ... our future is the choices we make today.

foongpc said...

Oh I definitely won't go for this! I think it's a waste of money! I rather go for prevention! Prediction is best left to the fortune teller. LOL!

Netster said...

I saw one at the shopping complex doing the profiling for whole family.

It really interesting... that's all hahahhaha

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