Monday, December 20

Retirement plans

Despite quitting active gaming for almost a year (which was also the best decision I ever made), I must admit every now and then, I do miss it, and still have the urge to reinstall World of Warcraft and start gaming again.

But I keep rationalising and reminding myself of all the harm I have done to myself because of gaming - I don't want to waste another 20 years trying to quit this addiction.

So I have decided. I should wait till I get old and my senses start to fail me, then maybe, just maybe, I might reconsider picking up gaming again. I will be the cool grand-dad who thrashes his young opponents on the gaming world. =p

For now, I should see what the world has to offer, dance and travel while my legs are willing, kiss and hug while my Wifey is still with me, mingle while I am still not grumpy and obnoxious, ogle at sweet young things, write and learn while I am still senile, and so on....

So what are your retirement plans, my dear friends?


Anonymous said...

I know of a retiree who keeps his mind active by playing games on his Iphone.

wenn said...

hvn't thought of retiring yet.

Twilight said...

I am glad you woke up! I am sad and sorry to see all my friends who are hard core addicts on the FB games! They create several FB accounts just to serve each other. Now that's extremely retarded! LOL... 10 years ago, I managed to quit smoking after 18 years! I started since I was in school, how terrible!

de.lizzy.cious said...

smart plan. :) enjoy life while you can. love your wife while you can. you never know what is going to happen next - exactly how i'm living life at the moment. BUT i just wished that i don't work as much hours as i am currently doing - i want more time for me. Me need the most loving. :(

Ai Shiang said...

Once, I seen a professor in Physics. He so love to teach that when he was asked when will he retire. He said "I will teach till I drop dead".

I too plan to do what I love till I drop dead :o)

khengsiong said...

LKY tells us not to retire...

Lily Riani said...

bestest plan and sweetest initiative

iamthewitch said...

You know what? I never thought I'd read 'wifey' and 'ogle at sweet young things' in the same sentence! LOL!

Netster said...

I have always have this thought. When I'm retired i want to go to the movie with my old friends as and when the new one is out.

hang out at coffeeshop with cool laptop and tablet or anything that is cool and new 20 years to come.

travel the world with old friends...

okay you have guess it... do it with all the old friends.

HappySurfer said...

Retirement is such a beautiful word....I think. Reminds me of The Beatles number, When I'm 64.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Wouldnt want to retire at 64 HappySurfer haha. Will continue to work till the day I die ie to keep mind active but on the economic value part will go slow take it easy still work but different pace. tQ

Anonymous said...

i'm just gonna save lotsa money while i'm still working, then check myself into a nursing home. :(

MKL said...

I'm barely thinking about 2012, let alone my retirement. I usually plan 1 year or few months ahead. Who knows where I am in 2050... don't wanna think about it :)

Anonymous said...

Retirement is far, far away for me, in a completely different world.
As of gaming, I never quit; I'm just taking a break at the moment because there is nothing that holds my interest yet.

Jo said...

Merry Christmas! May the many blessings of love, peace and joy be with you always.


PS: I read out part of your post to my hubby, an avid WOW player. I thought it was really hilarious. And now he knows of this certain sg blogger friend in the form of you. LoLz

T(H)(B) said...

Play mahjong. yum cha. Sun tan by the beach and dehydrate sipping cocktails by the beach.

Merry Christmas!

Shingo T said...

I'm not a big fan of Facebook games either. And I think it's a waste of my time too when friends "kindly" invite me to join them in those games.

Enjoy "Me" while you are still single. When the time comes, get the right man and you will get to enjoy "Us" time.

Ai Shiang:
You and your professor must have love what you do. ^_^

yes, the Singapore retirement age just keeps drifting further and further away. I know some Singaporeans are upset with that, but retirement is a choice, they can always retire as and when they have the means.

haha, I was wondering if anyone will point that out. Nothing escapes the eye of the Witchy!

You sure are a guy who loves his friends. So stay healthy, and make sure your friends do the same.

cheer up, bro. The world is a better place if we just believe. ^_^

wow, didn't know you are a gamer too. I always wondering if you are single or married. Tell me someday!

haha, my Wifey used to play Wow with me, till the day when she got bored with it. Wonder if you play the game too, as part of "family bonding"?

Crystal said...

I'm too young to think about retirement. hahahaah! Right now, I just want to learn as much as I can, do the things that interests me. =)

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