Thursday, April 21

My passion

One of my friends just asked me an interesting question.

"Am I right to say that your passion is to earn more money?"

I guess I must have spoke about "money" too many times, and give others the impression that I'm money-minded. =p

So here are my views.

(1) Money is a tool.
It is not a must to have it, but having it makes your life easier. If you don't agree, try begging for food instead of earning for it.

(2) Money and you, who's the master?
If you are not in control of your money, that means your money is controlling you. Don't be a slave to money and work blindly chasing it, instead think of how to abuse your money to make more of it.

(3) No money is no big deal.
Never lose sleep over money issues. Learn to bounce back from financial defeats. Been there, done that, and I'm still an undefeatable cockroach.

(4) Money amplifies your values, and not change them.
If you are a stingy guy, having more money will only make you a scrooge. It won't make you an instant pilantrophist.

(5) Money doesn't make you invincible.
But it pretty much gives you tons of options in life. Sack the boss? Donate as much money as you like? Travel the world?

(6) God is fair? Nah.
Rich people have problems.
Poor people have a different set of problems.
So I rather be rich and problematic, then poor and problematic.
It's the "consolation prize" mentality. If all else fails, at least I'm rich. =(

(7) Entrepenuers, the missing link to make the world better.
Good governments can finance the people, but they are bounded by rules and politics.
Good schools can educate the nation, but they are bounded by their finances.
That's where good social entrepenuers come in. With the money they earn and the lack of politics, entrepenuers can help mould the nation easier.

Start charity foundations like Bill Gates?
Adopt kids and build schools like Madonna?
Why not?

You can have tons of volunteers to build a school in Vietnam, but eventually someone has to give the money to buy the bricks, pay for transportation and stuffs.

So to answer the question. How can earning money be a passion?
Money is useless if you don't have a CLEAR purpose for it.
(And having as much money in the bank is not a "purpose")

My passion is to help people go back from work earlier, so that they can spend more time with their family.

And if I earn a hell lot of money someday while following my passion, wouldn't this be a dream "job"?

Hope that clarifies.
Have a great day ahead, my friends! ^_^


Wenny said...

All well said and totally agreed 200%. I'm with you!

Bananazą®‡ said...

In Chinese we say 'lui bin' money face haha..have been *working* for the bank (coz money is in control)for many donkey years hopefully can sack the bank before 64.

T(H)(B) said...

I want money so I can travel too ulu parts of the world to teach and learn.

Anonymous said...

Money is indeed a tool. But one can also end up serving money and money is his/her master.

HappySurfer said...

See if you agree with this. Money is not yours until you have spent it.

Ai Shiang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ai Shiang said...

God is men's creation.

Lily Riani said...

agree agree agree....

netster said...

This is a great piece my friend! No one say it better than you do :)

Money with purpose and that's absolutely true! I always believe when we have got tonnes of money we need to give it back to the society.

:) Cheers

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