Saturday, July 9

The "No Exit" Clause

I have been doing alot of networking these days, and hence the lack of activity on the Blogosphere. And I met Mrs Singapore 2011, Vanessa Tan during one of the interactions, and had the honour to listen to her talk about loving our bodies.

And yes, I took the chance to take a photo with this gorgeous lady, which is the start of my new hobby - collecting photos of myself with famous people.

And we are friends on Facebook now, though I know "friends" means little on Facebook these days. She really showed how one can juggle a career and a family so well at the same time - I guess partly because she's an entrepenuer, so she have better flexibility in her timing.

I was reading her Facebook profile minutes ago, and she wrote this interesting insight, which I will conveniently copy and paste.

Vanessa: If you happen to chance upon this and want me to take it out, let me know.

Blair Singer, the world's most powerful trainer in Sales and Leadership has a "No Exit Clause" with his wife. That clause in their marriage's Code of Honour means that whenever they encounter challenges in their relationship, they lock the door and work things out. There is no "OUT" in their relationship.

To many people, this "No Exit Clause" may seem pretty scary. And to some, pretty scary may be an understatement. It simply means that they sealed all their alternative options, i.e. no break-up, no divorce. And to some, this is really a horror movie.

However, this "No Exit Clause" excites me to the max. To me and the Man of my dreams, this clause means that we have sealed the escape hatch of our Aircraft of Love. To us, it means that we have locked the door behind us and thrown the key away. It also means that WE DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE US WORK.

You see, I am sick and tired of the fickle-mindedness of the men whom I had dated. And to be honest, it was a great learning experience. Every men I had once dated helps me understand what kind of qualities I want the man of my dreams to have. And one of the biggest requirements I want from my Man is the BIG C - commitment. And I declare it to The Universe.

I manifested and attracted this man into my life. In fact, he had been hanging around me for more than a year before it dawned on me that he is the Man of my dreams. To all those who had read The Secret and understood The Law of Attraction will know what I am saying.

Yes, we have this "No Exit Clause" in our relationship and we are not afraid to share it. This clause, among other rules in our Code of Honour made our relationship healthy, intense, exciting, emotionally-fulfilling, supportive and creates abundant room of growth.


I always believe that everything in this world, love included, is simple. But being the highly intelligent human beings that we are, we inject too much emotions and complexity to sabotage our own happiness.

In many cases, we are the creator of our own problems.
So let's solve it, and not avoid it.

Have the time of your life, my friends!


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Beautiful sharing! A lovely Vanessa too. Most times we are in denial and do not have the courage to solve our problems.

Ai Shiang said...

I have to agree, that we're our own problems. avoiding solving a problem now doesn't mean that we won't do it again next time. running away is't a solution it just pro long the pain.

mrdes said...

Bravo! Bravo! With technology advancement and complexity of life, happiness seems more like a myth. Nobody believes in putting in hardwork for the fruit of labour.

ladyviral said...

everything lies in our hands.. we need to look at ourselves before looking at other people :)

HappySurfer said...

The mind is indeed a very powerful thing. Unfortunately, we don't know enough of it to fully utilise it. Books like The Secret shed some light about how the mind works. Like the Universe, the optimal capacity of the mind is waiting to be explored.

Your new hobby is interesting. May work in your favor someday, Shingo.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Very inspiring and i think one should feel proud to be able to stick by the same partner from the day he/she said "I Do" :)

Not easy esp nowdays whr everything seem so vulnerable...

7-8 said...

IF this is a Mrs Singapore I'd like to hear her talk about loving her body.

randy said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Vanessa Tan said...

Thank you, Shingo. I really happen to chance upon this while doing research on my book and feel incredibly flattered that you had shared my posting on Facebook with your followers. I hope I had managed to add some value into your life, and yes, let's do keep in touch.

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