Monday, September 4

How to be a great boss

Pss... some secrets on how to be a great boss. ^_^

(1) Reads the papers in in office without fail.
That will help you spend less time doing real office work.

(2) Makes motherhood statements, so you are never wrong.
"We must help improve productivity."
"We must do more with less."
"We should adhere closely to deadlines."

(3) Ask the department to be at work on time.
Departmental image is important.
But rules apply only to the staff because you are special.

(4) When in doubt, use the phrase "Please discuss".

(5) When can't be bothered, use the phrase "Please follow up".

(6) When confused, blink continuously. Yes, this helps to distract, and buys you time to think.

(7) To prevent your department from going out of work, always say "yes" when other departments approach yours for help. It doesn't matter if your guys are already busy, staffs are fixed costs anyway. It will also give them less time to surf JobsDB for other jobs.

(8) Always have your door closed when surfing porn.

(9) Staying late is fine, only if you are waiting to fetch your wife back from work.

(10) Employee feedback is important. Whether to penalise them is another thing.

(11) Always arrow your guys to present. They are best at showing what you do not know.

(12) Never praise your guys when they do a good job. It is important for them to remain humble.

(13) Finally, know that real bosses succeed only if their workers work hard.
Keep pestering your guys for updates. (4) will come in handy.

Share with me more tips on being a great boss! ^_^


Anonymous said...

You have the potential to be a great boss. :)

J chyan said...

since my boss practises almost everything that was mentioned, dat makes her darn fantastic at wad she does then.

Singapore Jobs Blog said...

Great post :)

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