Sunday, September 10

Random Notes 3

(1) CoI has gotten its first 1000 hits. Like to extend my congrats to myself.

(2) My ROM is coming, buddies have organised a Bachelor's Night for me. Now what the POOK do they do in Bachelor's night? Its a good thing some of them are not much of a drinker, so I may just leave the place alive.

(3) Go watch "The Host". First magazine gave it 5/5. And yes, I humbly think it deserves the score. Not sure whether to laugh or cry in the show. It's a monster thriller mixed with a tinge of humour. The monster will kick Godzilla's a** anytime. ^_^

(4) Watched the "Happy Feet" commercial. Captivating. Looking forward to its release.

Penguins doing the song and dance.
Cute for the kids, entertaining for the old folks like me.

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7-8 said...


your 1000 hits landmark has coincided with my 25000 hits landmark. I wish you more good years ahead!

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