Tuesday, April 3

Newspaper Comics

I used to be a daily reader of the Straits Times - Mum had always emphasized the importance of getting in touch with the world. The importance being unaware of what's happening around you.

One of the favourite section I always read is the Comics in the "Life" section. It is like a little reward for reading all the current affairs. Its a good poke at serious stuffs in a light-hearted manner.

Here's some of my favourite.

(1) Sherman's Lagoon
Sherman's a shark, and a damn insensitive one.
He sometimes remind me of.... myself.

And the hairless beach ape refers to you. ^_^

(2) Baby Blues
Kids are sweet when they are not in nightmare mode.

The comic is sweeter when you have kids or little cousins to relate to. ^_^

(3)Get Fuzzy
Bucky Katt and Poor Satchel, who can resist the furry cuties?

I wished I could draw comics too.
But if I did, the protaganists will all be stick figures. =(

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