Wednesday, March 28

Meat, Vegetables and The Others

Do you hate vegetables when you are young?

I used to. They never looked as tasty as meat.

Mum once told me that those who eat alot of meat will have female childs, while those who eat more veges will conceive a male one. Its God's way of penalising the rich. It may sound like a myth, but Mum says its pretty accurate for the people she knows.
I have a sister. So my parents are middle-class?

The only vegetable I loved then was this.

Yes, we all know French Fries (and the evil clown Ronald) are evil. French fries and chicken meat were my favourite. Helped that my genes helped me to stay skinny during those days.

Poor Mum had to resort to bribing her kid with extra pocket allowances to get me to eat.

As I grow older, the carnivorous nature in me started shrinking, and somehow I started to eat more vegetables. It helped that my beloved granny who was staying with me turned vegetarian. Ahma was the main cook, so I just had to eat what she cooks.

And now, being more health conscious, I'm an omnivorous half the time, and herbivorous for the other half. Omnivorous lunch and herbivorous dinner.

Some tips/facts to share.
(1) Meat is obviously yummy, but doesn't provide the vast type of nutrients (minerals/vitamins/antioxidants) found in vegetables. But Mr Hippo once asked me an interesting question. Would you rather have fatty meat or badly washed vegetables laced with insecticide?

(2) When eating food, go for variety. People has this hobby of choosing vegetables they love. Mr HonestFace for example, eat bittergourd almost every meal. But there is a limit to what bittergourd provides. When consuming vegetables/fruits, go for a mixture of colours.

(3) Brown rice > Normal rice. Some vegetarian stalls offer this healthier alternative.

(4) If normal vegetables provide you 300mg of a particular nutrient, organic food will probably you about 1000mg for the same amount. But organic food burns a hole in the pocket.

(5) If you need to lose weight via proper diet, go for food that are not processed. They are also healthier because they have a lower glycermic index. "The Others" like flour, rice, bread, canned food, "fake meat" and even cornflakes (gosh!) are evil. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus will probably know this well. Go for food that are lower in the food chain.

There are plenty of knowledge I can share here, but I'll leave that to another day.
Thanks for staying awake.

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