Friday, March 30

Successful people are losers.

Let's face it.

Nobody likes the feeling of losing.

Especially when you have a Mr Ego the size of a coconut.

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid losing. Avoid trying => Avoid losing. Be extremely cautious (aka kiasi) and play safe.
Work for others, because employees still get pay regardless of how the firm is performing. And maybe the occasion jumping to a higher paying job. Put your money in safe instruments like fixed deposits, or at best, the performing funds recommended by insurance companies.

You shouldn't lose, but you won't win big either.
God is fair to everyone except Jackpot/Toto big winners.
Low risks, low returns.

And that is what set successful people apart.

Everyone wants to be rich, but most are not able to take big risks, because the feeling of losing outweighs the feeling of winning.

There are 3 types of people.
(1)People who do not suceed and just give up.
These are the people who wants to be a boss, but has no balls to work on it. They will give all sorts of reasons to justify why it cannot be done. No capital, no luck, no rich parents (If this was true, how do rag-to-riches people succeed then?), no time etc....

(2)People who do not suceed, kept trying, but still failed because they kept applying the same (wrong) method.
Ever wonder why the stocks you chosen kept going down? Luck could be one reason, but its uncontrollable in some sense. The real reason could well be because you are using the same method to choose a (losing) stock. Find out what's common about your losing stocks and change. Similarly, find out about what makes your winning stocks winners.

(3)People who do not suceed, kept trying, and eventually succeed after applying different (correct) methods.
Winners are daredevils. They are bungee jumpers. Some has gone bankrupt in the journey of trying and repeated failing, but they bounce back because they do not stick to the same method.

Ask any successful rich guy (except maybe for those with rich parents), and they will tell you they suffer more failures than anyone else.
Because they never stop trying.

Imagine telling your peers that you want to turn a hill into a casino resort in a Muslim country (which does not advocate gambling), in 1964 when technology was still sucky. Most of us will not even think about it suceeding. And some of us will probably laugh at the silly idea.
That's what Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong - the founder of Genting Highlands did. Risking a failure. And now he's the pride of my beloved Malaysia. Our very own legend. Malaysia boleh!!!

The next time someone calls you a loser, tell them you are loser that learns from his mistakes and never give up.

The next time friends and family tell you it cannot be done, prove them wrong. When you do that, the feeling is shiok. Damn shiok. ^_^

Be the cockroach that never stop struggling until he's dead.

Link: The Genting Highland Story

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