Sunday, April 1

Random Notes 13

(1) The dance studio I go to is offering Bollywood dancing classes. Six 1-hour lessons for $100. Looks like fun, but the only thing stopping me is cost.

(2) One of my New Year Resolution is to add another source of passive income this year. And I'm in the process of evaluating another possible source. Its kind of fun having multiple sources of income. It makes you feel less bonded to the company.
Live for yourself, and not anyone else.

(3) Awaiting the result of an application that will change the rest of my life. Every action will result in a consequence. I hope it turns out to be what I'm planning for. Wish me luck.

(4) Gotten Wifey a tea dress on Saturday. One down, many more to go. ^_^

(5) Be goal-oriented. Especially those who get depressed and tired in the midst of working your own business. Every motivation must be driven by a cause.
Know why you are working so hard.
Know why you are making sacrifices.
Know why you are taking the path normally shunned by the rest.
And you will be there soon.


LeonPix said...

U r seriously into blogging business... So early and so many

my said...

Notes (3) looks interesting

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