Monday, April 30

Photo Montage

Spent my Sunday making the photo montage for my wedding.

About 2 months more to the big day.
How to not kancheong?

Credits to Mr Ghost and Wifey for their indirect/direct help to make my photo montage making an easier one.

Prior to Sunday, Wifey and myself have spent quite a bit of time digging up the old albums and deciding which to put in. As easy as it sounds, it is also a hair-pulling experience, because there are "too many good photos, too short a song".

I messaged my kind videographer (anyone need one, let me know) for an advice on the length of song and the number of photos to show. "About 4 minutes plus, 50 photos" was his answer. My sista also gave me her opinion, a slight variation from the above.

Spent about an hour doing some scanning and cropping for old photos. Hmm... i don't recall some of the places that I went to when i was a kid liao.

Eventually, we have about 120 ready photos in total, and had a hard time trying to decide between "this or that".

In such crisis, my guideline was simple - Choose what they want to see, not what I want to see. It was still a very subjective guideline, but heck, we finally filtered the 50 photos in about... 2 hours time?

And there was the choosing of the background song. Wifey had a long collection of love songs, even after filtering those < 4 mins. And then we had to juggle between what she like, what i like, and what is suitable. We sampled the songs and finally settled it after... 1 hour?

And spent more time editing the music to make it fit better with the picts.

The other time-consuming thing was to decide on the effects.
Zoom in, zoom out, panning or none?
Which transition to choose from one photo to another?
That must have taken me another 1.5 hours.

Then there's the testing and more re-adjustments.
But after all the minor changes - I was happy.

Never mind that the photo montage wasn't anywhere near professional, but it was pieced up by Limpeh.
Never mind that alot of time was spent on a simple task, but it sure beats wasting time on WoW.

I'm feeling good.
And shiok. ^_^

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