Tuesday, May 1

What horror REALLY is

Horror is when you notice the pretty gal on TV was actually once a guy.
2 coconuts below becomes 2 coconuts on top.

Horror is what you get when you call your mistress' name in the middle of the night in la-la land, with your wife by the side.

Horror is when you are told that some healthy guy is there one moment, and dead the next.
RIP, Crocodile Hunter.

Horror is when the people in a country are suffering from malnutrition, while the man governing the land is wondering where he put his rum and cigars.

Horror is when people are not likely to be afraid of French Fries as compared to airplane rides, when the former leads to more death (via artherosclerosis and inflammation-related cardiovascular diseases).
Ignorant fools.

Horror is when the dream scholarship you gets land you in a shitty role, and you hate to pay the penalty for breaking it.
My condolence.

Horror is also when some colleagues that is not supposed to know about your blog's existence knows about it.
Who's the Big Mouth?

For colleagues who know of this blog, please do NOT circulate the link around to people who know me.
I know alot of blogs which were relocated or closed because of this.
And i thank you for the respect.

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