Wednesday, May 9

10 little things

Was reading Orangey's blog (as I always do) and read about that chain thingy.
k, I'm not tagged, but that doesn't mean I can't start a chain, rite?

"Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!"

Here it goes.

(1) One of the most memorable childhood scene was me holding a hammer, inches away from crushing the skull of the school bully in front of a younger friend I was trying to protect. The bully acted brave, he had to, in front of his men, but I knew he was scared sh**less. Don't be fooled by my friendly nature - there's a temper within all of us. Dormant volcanos waiting to explode in the most unexpected scenario.

(2) I have been prejudiced against the rich during my younger days, a result of being betrayed by a rich friend who almost got me into the police station for theft. Till now, I'm still unsure if my names are blacklisted with the cops.

(3) I am a big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Listened to almost all his musicals. Still recalled some of the lyrics, particularly those from "Joseph and the Technicolour Coat".

(4) Having spent a few years listening to Symphony 92.4 in an attempt to elevate my status pretentiously, I can now remember the names of the more popular and catchy pieces. Franz Peter Schubert's Symphone No. 8 used to be one of my favourite. Catchy swan lake music from Tchaikovsky, piano pieces from Chopin, Handel's Water Music, Johann Strauss' Waltzes, Vivaldi's baroque music etc... I do remember.

(5) Memorised the bus guide during the younger days. I've gone rusty, but can still remember the from and to interchanges for most services. Friends and relatives still call me occassionally for the "how to get from A to B". When in doubt, I will just tell them to take the train or taxi. =p

(6) The body part I hate most about myself is the nose (even more than the belly). Big nostrils and extremely sensitive to dirt. But at least my sinus problem (since young) is much better.

(7) Lizards are my most detested reptiles. It has got to do with the time it fell from the ceiling onto me during the pee at wee hours. Ewww.

(8) Only ladies with long hair and skirts/dresses can grab my attention. And only Wifey can captivate me (oops, thats obvious?).

(9) I believe that God is fair. Squirtz put it in the most crude but correct statement - "If a man is rich, handsome, smart etc... then he must be impotent!"

(10) I have a short attention span. If you find me paraphrasing what you say, chances are that i'm lost somewhere.


If I can tag people who read my blog (and has one) to continue this silly chain, allow me to arrow
(1) 7-8 (pss... time to reopen ur blog)
(2) Squirtz (what kind of name is this)
(3) Momo
(4) Nat
(5) Joe
(6) MY
No obligations to continue if you find this silly. =p

Orangey: Lvl 75 is way further than what i expected for my AoL. have fun with the pet. ^_^

Edit: Thks to Ursa for reminding me that lizards are not insect. I feel kind of silly now. ^_^

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Ursa Majora said...


1) lizard is not an insect

2) Only Wifey can captivate me... will not save you the wrath of Wifey after the part "Only ladies with long hair and skirts/dresses can grab my attention"

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