Thursday, May 10

The Secret

A week ago, a friend said he was going to show us this DVD called "The Secret".

And I got to watch it yesterday. Its not a drama show, its more like a educational documentary. They built up this hype about Babylonians from thousand of years ago trying to hide this secret.

The secret that only a few knew, that resulted in 1% of the people getting 96% of the total wealth in the world. The secret that was never revealed to the world, but passed down over generations.

Famed people like Shakesphere, Einstein, and even the Buddha knows it.

So what was this secret? And why the hype?
How could this so-called secret be able to mould the lives of people? To make people healthier, richer and happier (which coincides with the 3 focus of my blogs)?

It goes down to 3 words.
Law of Attraction - How you feel about something will naturally attract the something to you.

I won't spoil the fun explaining it in details.
Go read about it on your own if you are interested.
Its an interesting concept.

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Kelvin said...

Looking forward to more of your posts, though I must say I prefer your personal insights and life experiences to all that motivational stuff ;)

Oh, I surfed over from Stressed Teacher. And I caught Battle Royale in the big screen here and loved it and I think Part 2 sucked too!

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