Tuesday, May 8

Two and a half daughters

One of the most relaxing things in life is just sit back and chat with a friend.
Its becoming harder to do that these days. That's why I love chatting up taxi drivers, during the rare occassions when I can splurge on the luxury.

(Side note: If you can't pick up conversations on the fly, try to use FORM. Family, occupation, Recreation, Money. It works everytime. Almost.)

This particular taxi driver (Mr Y) I was talking to was a guy in his 50s. When asked how many children he had, he told me he had 2.5 daughters.

2 real daughters.
And 1 Thai girl who he is sponsoring but never met (and thus 0.5 daughter).

I knew the ride was gonna get interesting.

And his story goes like this. Mr Y was a guy who loved learning, but never excel in his studies. He tried to learn as much as possible when he started work, but colleagues see him as a threat, and he never got any help. He was a little disillusioned in how selfish people are, and started reading those holy stuffs and worshipping the Goddess of Mercy.

He got married at the age of 30 and had 2 daughters and subsequently became a taxi driver. But then he decided to help this poor girl in Thailand in her daily needs and education. That costs about S$600 per month, which is at least 25% of his pay.

His wife wasn't at all happy, and later asked for a divorce. She left with 2 daughters. And he kept the remaining 0.5 of the daughter.

There's really no right or wrong. He couldn't see her point. And she couldn't see his.

He's now single. And still in touch with the 2 daughters. He makes it a point to promote equality. When he gives S$100 angpow to the elder daughter on her birthday, he will also give a similar amount to the younger one. He emphasized the importance for his 2 daughters to love and help each other. Even though he may not be there for them all.

I gave him some extra tips before I left. Its negligible compared to his generosity.

Why do we work so hard in life, earn so much money and leave the world empty-handed?
Sometimes its good to pause and think.

Money doesn't make people evil.
It only amplifies the person's real personality.

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