Wednesday, May 2

Another one bites the dust

Dear (Shingo T) & (Wifey),
This is to inform you that I will be leaving XXX Hotel and my last day of service is on XXX.

I am pleased to introduce XXX, as your new contact person-in-charge. Please do not hesitate to contact XXX at XXXXXXX should you need further assistance.

It has really been a pleasure working with both of you in preparation for your wedding day. I wish you both all the best.

Thanks and Regards


Thats the email I just got from the hotel wedding planner. My 2nd one as she has taken over the executive who signed us up for the hotel.

I dropped her an email to wish her all the best. She's been a lovely help thus far and deserves a well-deserved thank you message to end her remaining days at this hotel.

Job-hopping or entrepeneurship seems like the way to go these days. Gone are the days when people stay in a job faithfully for years - those were the times of our parents. At least my parents stayed in companies all the way till the companies closed.

Who can blame the job-hoppers? Who doesn't want better working conditions, shorter working hours, a more enriching job and more monetary compensation (aka pay)? It aint wrong to take shortcuts so long as its legal.

How much does an ounce of loyalty cost?

My first insurance agent quitted and passed my policies over to another. Thankfully, the second (and current) agent has said that she love and will remain in this line for a long time, in which she did. And that's why i got all the policies from her, the one-stop convenience it provides (never mind that she may not neccessary give the best advice).

But she may just quit one day too. Who knows?

Do employers really call the shot, or are they really at the mercy of employees?
Are employees really that indispensible, or have employers understimate the REAL value that they add?

The days after bonus seems to be the best time to leave. I see that in my company too - people leaving. have heard a few, and its likely that more will come.

Another one has bite the dust?
Or like what Mr Ghost says, another one has bite the gold dust? $_$

Are your colleagues leaving a sign thats its time to build your own "Googleplex"? Your very own empire where you create the rules instead of following people's rules.

Or scout for an application form at a "Goggleplex-equivalent"?

Or will you stay and wallow in where you are now?

In plain dirt dust or gold dust?


Anonymous said...

Nope. Job-hopping does not equate entrepeneurship


Anonymous said...

I also got an sms from a hotel planner. Maybe hotel gives bonus in April thats why they all quit in May.

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