Friday, May 4

Random Notes 15

(1) Wifey was out watching "200 Pound Beauty" yesterday with her friend. Weepy show at certain parts, I was told. Sure doesn't look like one to me, from the Ads.

(2) Kleptomaniac is a new word I just learnt from the news papers these days. "A person with this disorder is compelled to steal things. Some may not be aware that they have committed the theft until later."
Scary stuff. Machiam like sleepwalking, but into the shopping centre.
Did I say the girl involved in this case looks really cute?
Link: Kleptomaniac Wikipedia

(3) Time is ticking, as wedding draws closer. I'm collecting my suit and Wifey's gown later, for our photoshoot next week. A little nervous, hope the pictures will come out fine.
I always look better in real person. =p

(4) Thanks to all those guys/gals who have accepted our invitation to be our bros & sistas for the wedding. The brothers should be reminded that traitors will get an angpow with nothing inside. Sisters should be reminded that the amount of angpow given is inversely proportional to the amount of effort the groom has to undergo.

(5) Coincidentally after my previous entry, I read that Google is opening in Singapore.

(6) Have a great Friday ahead, and don't work late.


si oj said...

lol just letting you know, i topped up FairyLand today for awhile.

the person you gave your FairyLand character to has trained it till lvl75 X.X

oh yeah, i'm still using your pet. =)

The Horny Bitch said...

I think she's cute too...

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