Monday, May 14

The Favourite Student

Earlier, I spoke to my Favourite Student (Lets call her F.S) over the phone to invite her and her family to my wedding. F.S was my one of my many ex-students. And also the student I taught the longest period of time. She was elated to hear that her favourite teacher was going to get hitched, and even asked "Is she the same girl?", to which I proudly say, "Yes. We have been together for the past 5 years plus".

Afternote: Wifey said I failed my Maths. It should be 4 years plus. Oops. =X

Do I look like someone who change partners every now and then?
0.o |||

Its interesting how fast F.S has grown. I taught her during the secondary school days all the way till after her JC ends. From the kancheong student who lacks confidence to the girl who became a friend. The girl has since graduated from university and is working in SIA.

From girl to lady liao. And I still refer to her as "Girl". I wonder how she looks like after so many years liao.

F.S told me that her mum is still asking about me now and then. And it sure sounds pleasing to the ear. During my poor days as a student, F.S and her family paid for my school allowance through tuition fees. They never treated me like an outsider. Even F.S's auntie (maid is a degrading term) was nice to me, serving me dessert soup during tuition classes.

I dropped by her house about 2-4 times a week, but their warmth made me never dread going for tuition after a tired day at school/work.

Makes me feel like becoming a People's Teacher all over again.

I can't wait to see all of them again. ^_^

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