Tuesday, May 15

The Perfect Example

Yesterday evening, my mum casually asked me why I was home later than expected. I told her that I stopped by the bus interchange to do some browsing.

Her immediate response was "Did you missed the 25 cents bus transfer rebate?"
I was suddenly reminded that such a rebate exist, not that I will consciously do anything about it.

I'm one who believe at looking at the big picture. Focus on filling the jar with big stones before you put the smaller stones in.

My mum on the other hand, take care of small details. She will remind me to tuck in the chair before I leave work (which I never bother). And the small details on personal hygiene and health (she attends and read just as much as me on these topics).

My mum is someone whom I call "penny wise, pound foolish". Not in the negative sense. She's stingy on herself but really generous to her children and relatives/friends.

Penny wise:
Small things like 25 cents rebate (only if you transfer to a different bus number within 30 mins).
And she will alight one bus stop earlier so that the bus fare will be 60+ cents instead of 80+ cents.
You will never catch her buying drinks from outside - she always carry around a bottle of plain water (its healthier too).
She hardly eat outside too - never been a big fan of unhealthy and overpriced food. She will rather bring her own lunch or just take fruits.
She always proudly claim that most of her expenditure is on fruits.
When young, she will buy regular coke rather than medium coke for me because "though its only 20 cents difference, why drink more junk when the purpose is just to quench thirst?"
And theres the famous line I never forget "If you buy the discounted Happy Meal, you save 50 cents. But if you don't buy, you save on $4.50 on top of the 50 cents".

Pound foolish:
Helping relatives buy insurance policies, only to cancel them later.
Helping some of my cousins with their humongous school fees, and never getting them back.
And alot more, which are best left unstated. Its easily a 6 digit amount, Singapore dollars.

And still have decent savings.

It's incredible, considering that as a factory worker, she earns just a fraction of my income.
My mum is a perfect example that its not how much you earn, but how much you save.

She's also the housekeeper, sleeping at 1am+ doing all the housechores, but waking at 6am+ the next day to ensure her kids get to work on time.

I'm proud to have her as my mama.
But I am a lousy son. =(

If you see my mama during my coming wedding, please pause a moment to get a good look at her.
She is a legend, a self-sacrificing lady worthy of everyone's respect.

I love ya, mum.
And Happy Belated Mother's Day.

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