Thursday, May 17

Loving me

Love yourself.
On top of the special someone else.
Do not let others dictate your feelings.
They are not you, only you are you.

You may lose your direction.
Or be under uncontrolled circumstances.
The one thing you can control.
And that is your own reaction.

Be aware of the Law of Attraction.
Be in control of what you wish.
The Genie says your wish is my command.
And attract whats in your attention.

The reason why miracles exist.
Is because of their beliefs.
Let your belief take centrestage.
And fill your life with a new page.

You are the centre of attention.
You are the lamp in the darkened night.
The 3 obstacles you will have.
Are You, Yourself and Yours.

Hating yourself is just pure dumb.
And Narcissism ain't no crime.
Step out of your own shadows.
And start to love yourself.

I love me.
I love being me.
I love what's mine.
Now let me love you too.

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