Sunday, May 20

Random Notes 16

(1) Watched "28 Weeks Later". Great followup for the people who watched the prequel " 28 Days Later". Wifey was commenting on how fast the infected are running. These zombies definitely kick the ass of the slow-walking sleepy zombies of other shows.
I wonder how they are able to vacate the streets of London for the filming. Or do they use photoshop?
I'm looking forward to watch "28 Months Later", "28 Years Later" and "28 Centuries Later".

(2) For WWE fans, Smackdown will be coming to Singapore. Joe's gonna watched it with his gf and friends. A tempting thought yes, but probably a luxury that I can give a miss.
(Edit: The details are here, courtesy of Joe)

(3) Food tasting over the weekends. Portions are big. Quality is great. Food is fresh. And unique too. Hopefully the quality remains for actual wedding. We have taken photos over food tasting, you never know when it will come in handy. For invitees to my wedding, please at least remember the food.

(4) Played mahjong till 3.30am with Squirtz and Momo. I won the most, but Wifey lost the most too. And more. To be fair to her, she has the skills, but I have the luck. I'm gnerally quite a blessed lucky guy. Thinking back, it could be due to The Law of Attraction.

(5) Speaking of which, I ordered "The Secret" DVD through a friend, as it is not sold in Singapore. Only the book is. If there's something I love, its sharing good stuffs with friends.

(6) More Muslims are going to China. And I always thought they have to bring their own halal food there. I'm a frog in the well.

(7) Celebrated Mother's Day at this deserted Indonesian Restaurant. Its a good reason to meet up with my sista too, now that she is married and I see her less. A heartfelt Thank You to my brother-in-law for making my sista a happier gal.
I wanna make Wifey happier too.

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