Wednesday, May 23

Random Notes 17

(1) I realise that Insurance Agents do not like to approach me when I walk past their roadshow. Do I look like someone who doesn't need their service? Speaking of which, why do some agents rather chat among themselves than optimising their time to talk to potentials?

(2) Same goes for the school kids who are holding a donation tin, but obviously uninterested in getting people to donate. Money don't fall from the sky, my children.

(3) On another related note. From experience, Raffles Place is one of the busiest but lousiest place to get donations. People in power suit and office attire tend to treat you invisible, so stick to the friendly aunties in neighbourhoods.

(4) Had dinner with Dr Available yesterday night. A doctor who's single and decent looking, anyone? He was one of my great buddies during secondary school. One of the few whom I can not meet for a long time, but still have plenty to talk about.
I tried to pay for our dinner at this kopitiam in Holland Village, only to realise I have no cash at hand. So I told him I will treat him coffee at Coffee Club. Later, I realise my credit card has hit credit limit and Coffe Club don't accept Nets. =(
Strangers will probably think I'm trying to get a free meal, but with Dr Available, he knows me. ^_^

(5) Most of the Wedding preps are done, credits to Wifey. Tying ribbons to cards over the weekends, and to start writing the names.

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The Horny Bitch said...

I always make a point to withdraw money when I go out...

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